5 Best IEMs For Bass Player (All Budgets)

5 Best IEMs For Bass Player (All Budgets)

by Wish Audio

1、Sennhenier IE200


Unit: Dynamic

Impedance: 18 Ohm

Sensitivity: 119dB

Frequency response range: 6-20kHz



Sennheiser must be no stranger, and its ie200 is a cost-effective IEM, unlike the above models, it is a IEM with dynamic, which provides a loose and warm sound atmosphere. If you are a fan of Sennheiser’s bass players, and the budget is limited, choose it is right.



  •  Cost-effective
  •  High separation of vocals and instruments
  •  Bright and energetic sound
  •  High quality low frequency performance
  •  Light to wear




Unit: three Balanced Armature

Impedance: 18 Ohm

Sensitivity: 110dB

Frequency response range: 18-22kHz


AudioFly has always been in pursuit of clear high sound quality, paying attention to every detail in the music. As the flagship model of the AF160 performance is naturally no less, perfectly balanced frequency and detail performance, natural sound field without coloration can undoubtedly let bass players on stage to play the best state.



  •  Neodymium magnets, more delicate sound
  •  Light and compact
  •  Warm and clear sound
  •  Excellent noise isolation
  •  Easy to drive


3、Earsonics SM64


Unit: three Balanced Armature and three-way crossover

Impedance: 98 Ohm

Sensitivity: 122dB

Frequency response range: 10-20kHz


During the 20 years of development, EarSonics has successfully entered the high-end headphone market with its exquisite craftsmanship and innovative concept, and the SM64 is one of the masterpieces. As an in-ear headphones, its interpretation of classical can be described as a surprise. It brings the shock on the listening sensation even not to lose to the headphones.



  • Comfortable to wear, tight fit
  • Shocking low frequency, majestic
  • Large soundstage like in a concert hall
  • High frequency is crisp and loud
  • Classical interpretation is very high quality


4、Custom Art Harmony 8.2


Unit: eight Balanced Armature and four-way crossover

Sensitivity : 118dB

Frequency response : 10Hz-20kHz

Impedance : 15 ohms


The Custom Art team has been gathering feedback from customers since the first version of the Harmony series was introduced in 2014. The most frequently requested improvements were studied and it was ensured that all issues were addressed with the new version. Harmony 8.2 offers excellent bass response and the mid-bass is now tamer and better controlled. Vocals are more straightforward, but still full of emotion and naturalness. Clarity has improved compared to both previous versions, as has detail.



  • Low impedance high sensitivity
  • Superb low and middle frequencies
  • Clear background, excellent noise isolation
  • Combination of musicality and accuracy
  • Maverick appearance




Unit: eight Balanced Armature and four-way crossover

Sensitivity : 119dB

Frequency response : 13Hz-23kHz

Impedance : 13 ohms


Sweear is a brand in pursuit of excellence, its products are divided into two categories, respectively, the reference class and extreme class, and HE8 is one of the more outstanding, with excellent frequency response, accurate high level and dynamic bass, is a comprehensive monitor. It can fully meet the playing and listening needs of bass players.



  • The ultimate neutral and balanced sound signature
  • High detail capture capability
  • IPP technology for a cleaner sound
  • Listenable
  • Stay put


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