A tribute to those classical headphones

A tribute to those classical headphones

by Bear Chen


AKG K812


With more than 1,400 international patents and more than 60 years of delivering powerful, distortion-free sound, the AKG® brand is trusted by music professionals and leads the audio industry with headphones and microphones that deliver the most authentic and natural sound.

Akustische und Kino-Geräte Gesellschaft mbH, founded in 1947 by Viennese physicist Dr. Rudolf Görike and engineer Ernst Pless, officially adopted the abbreviation AKG in 1965. In the decades since, AKG has been revolutionizing the headphone market, bringing the ultimate in sonic accuracy to recording professionals, audiophiles and anyone with a passion for music.

The AKG 812 Excellence Reference Headphones feature a 53mm transducer, AKG’s largest transducer to date. Using a 1.5 Tesla magnet system and ultra-lightweight double-layer voice coil, these headphones can provide precise sound field imaging and Purely natural sound, plus the AKG K812 is optimized for long periods of mixing or monitoring



Drive unit size (mm)53

Sensitivity (dB SPL/V @ 1 kHz)110

Rated impedance (Ω)36

Audio bandwidth (Hz)5 - 54000

Maximum input power (mW)300

Cable length (m) 3


KOSS Porta Pro


Porta Pro: PP, which was launched in 1984, can be called an antique, but the fact that it has been sold for 30 years is enough to prove its extraordinary quality. The appearance design of pp is full of a strong flavor of the 1980s, and it is not outdated at all now, and even caters to the current "retro aesthetic" trend. The silver LOGO patches and decorative rings are very dazzling; one of the biggest features of PP design is its foldability, and there is a hook card at the folded opening, which can fix the PP tightly after folding, so that it is not easy to carry when carrying. It will cause the earphones to be damaged due to vibration. At the same time, PP has designed three-speed buckle adjustment for people with different head shapes, so that they can have a more comfortable wearing experience when listening to music.

Hearing: Low frequency is the core selling point of PP's sound. Low frequency performance is the entire sound style of PP. The overall volume is large and extremely elastic, with strong impact and shock, and the positioning is also very precise. The mid-frequency characteristics are simple and unique. There is a certain texture and body feeling; high frequency is not what PP is good at, and the presentation of details is not too much, but the connection between mid and high frequencies is pretty good. Generally speaking, the sound style of pp is relatively dull, and the resolution is not high, but the sound field is relatively wide, mainly in the middle and lower plates, and it is a pop-oriented tuning. It has a very good listening experience in some European and American rock music and pop music. .



Sensitivity: 101dB

Frequency response: 15Hz-25kHz

Impedance: 60ohms

Line length: 1.2m

Plug: 3.5mm





AB-1266: This headset has been released in 5 versions so far, namely straight version, cross version, Phi, Phi cc, and Phi tc. Although the tuning quality has been improving, it is also upgraded based on the materials used in the first edition. The overall design adopts a flat unit design, and the headphone cable is a special cable with Alumiloy patented technology supplied by JPS, a famous American fever wire manufacturer. All metal components of AB-1266 are processed from solid aluminum, which has extremely high strength and can effectively suppress excess resonance and reduce sound coloration. The first feeling of wearing the head is very rough and individual. The earmuffs are made of lambskin and have a good tactile feel. Soft against skin.

Hearing difference:

The original version is also the one with the best-sounding mid-range, with the most vinyl smell; the slightly grainy mid-range hits the face; the low-frequency is full of volume, and of course it is also the hardest version to recommend.

The high frequency and low frequency of this version of Phi have been significantly extended from the original basis; the sound field has also been pushed far away; although the density has been reduced, the sound is cleaner and the details are better. It is the most gorgeous sounding version. .

The CC version has converged in all aspects. The high and low frequencies and the sound field are both retracted, and the density of the full frequency range is increased. While the quality is improved, the listening experience is also very relaxed, and this is the only version with a slightly diffuse sound.

It’s not an exaggeration to call TC’s sound performance an ace. The low impact and power are very shocking. The three frequencies are distinct, but extremely smooth. The huge amount of information and balance also allow the notes to be intertwined with each other and dance independently. The sound is full of texture and the sound field is wide and full of presence.


Specs: (refer to the latest model)

Sensitivity: 88dB

Frequency response: 5Hz-30kHz

Impedance: 47ohms

Net weight: 640g



Sony MDR-1000X


MDR1000X: Equipped with an S-Master HX all-digital amplifier, equipped with a 40mm HD driver unit and an aluminized liquid crystal polymer diaphragm, it supports Hi-Res Audio high-resolution audio playback, allowing the headset to achieve a good balance in terms of noise reduction and sound quality. The noise has reached its peak, and the sound quality is not ambiguous. Although the main focus of m1000X is wireless links, the standard headphone cable is not compromised at all. Whether it is gold-plated interface, anti-tangle design, silver-plated OFC cable, etc., it is full of sincerity. The body adopts an internal tilt axis structure design and has pressure relief pads specially designed for the ear shape, making it comfortable and stable to wear.


In the noise reduction mode, after using the very good S-Master HX and DSEE HX, the sound of the MDR-1000X is more detailed, the low-frequency performance is full of power, the dive is deeper, and the overall low-frequency taste is moderate; the mid-frequency is Suojia's style has always been sweet and poisonous, which is suitable for female voices with flavor, and the emotional expression of the human voice is very smooth, but the control of the vocal sibilance is not good. The high frequency is warm and flavorful, not slender and sharp, but the overall brightness and transparency are average. The MDR-1000X's grasp of popular music is still unparalleled.

With noise reduction turned off, the three frequencies of the MDR-1000X increase soothingly, and the mid- and low-frequency are more loose and natural. The overall balance is balanced without highlighting too many features. Its pop flavor is not strong enough, but the soft sound is suitable for human voices. play. But in terms of sound quality, the MDR-1000X is by no means bad.


Sensitivity: 103dB

Frequency response: 4Hz-40kHz

Impedance: 46ohms

Weight: 275g


Audio-Technica M70X


M70x: Equipped with a high-magnetic 45mm large-diameter unit equipped with a CCAW voice coil and a magnet made of rare earth materials, which has excellent frequency response and extended range, and can restore more details while maintaining a good sense of three-frequency balance. The headband is made of soft leather material, with moderate curvature and pressure, and will not cause a pinching feeling; the earmuff shell is made of metal, which significantly improves texture and durability. It is worth mentioning that although it is not a multi-joint foldable design like the M50x, the M70x's rotatable design can just adapt to the angle of the user's ears, and the overall weight is moderate, so it will not feel burdensome even if worn for a long time.

Listening: The first listening experience brought by M70X is that it is transparent, delicate and powerful in analysis. Although it adopts a closed structure, the sound field is not very tight and full of depression, and is slightly olive-shaped. The low-frequency part of M70X dives deep enough, and the drum beats are clear but the volume is less; the high-frequency part is clean and straightforward, without coloring, and maintains a slightly grainy state. The mid-frequency vocal part does not have the poisonous smell of the past, but has a It has a certain ethereal feel, and the overall sound is slightly moist, coupled with the excellent performance of micro-details such as sound texture and lines, it is delicate and rich, giving people a very comfortable feeling. The connection between each frequency band is very smooth, without any sloppiness. Generally speaking, it is a really well-balanced big ear. Although there is very little coloration, the quality is extremely high. For small instruments and small solo ensembles, M70X can give you unparalleled surprises.


Sensitivity: 98dB

Frequency response: 5Hz-40kHz

Impedance: 35ohms

Line length: 1.2m, 3m

Plug: 3.5mm

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