A Tribute to those Classical Headphones - Part 2

A Tribute to those Classical Headphones - Part 2

by Bear Chen

AKG Q701

Using the brand's self-developed dynamic full-tone unit, paired with a low-distortion high-performance neodymium magnet drive unit and an improved flat sound cavity, coupled with the patented double-layer Varimotion diaphragm, it can not only accurately and realistically restore the sound, but also be unmanned. Unparalleled ability to pinpoint sound and image. Semi-open earphones are more suitable for home use, and the interchangeable cable design also makes playability higher. The earmuffs are made of soft, comfortable and elastic 3D cotton and wrapped with high-quality velvet material. They are light and comfortable and have an excellent wearing feel! The headband is made of thickened genuine leather and looks more noble.

The performance in low frequencies has definitely not been weakened by its semi-open design, and is still very flexible; the vocals are also very full and moist, very comfortable and durable; the high frequency part has also been well extended, giving The comfort of human lubrication. The overall balance is excellent, with a clean noise floor and sufficient dynamics. You won't feel bored even when listening to high volumes. The semi-open design also brings a good sense of openness to the sound field. However, due to the high impedance of the headset itself, in order to fully utilize the power of Q701, you need to use a more powerful source, so that you can experience the more distinct dynamic feeling brought by Q701 and reproduce the true pop musical atmosphere.

tip: Quincy Jones is responsible for tuning, which has become a feature of Q701.

Sensitivity: 105dB

Frequency response: 10Hz-39.8kHz

Impedance: 62ohms



Sony MDR-Z1000

It adopts a newly developed 50mm large unit and uses liquid crystal polymer as the diaphragm material, which not only greatly improves the resolution, but also has high rigidity, which can accurately convert the signal into smart and ear-friendly sound. Can suppress unnecessary diaphragm vibration. The headband of the headset itself is wrapped in leather material, and the earcups are also made of the same leather. It is very soft to the touch, has strong wrapping properties, and can effectively insulate and prevent leakage. The outer shell is made of lightweight and flexible magnesium alloy, and combined with the ergonomic design, it is also very comfortable. Highly guaranteed.

Compared with pop music, Z1000 is more suitable for listening to classical music; through its powerful analytical power, it can highly restore violins and other string instruments in the disc; at the same time, the performance of high-pitched vocals is also relatively outstanding. , extremely bright, and has a good sense of extension; the performance of the vocals in the mid-frequency part will be relatively "dry" and lacks emotion, but the detail presentation is still good. In addition, the Z1000's low-frequency performance is relatively fierce and feels brittle. In general, the Z1000's expressiveness in classical music is still very outstanding. It can provide an extremely shocking concert experience, with super expressiveness of vocal high notes and a strong sense of separation of instruments. It can definitely become a classical music hobby The reader’s favorite headphones.

Sensitivity: 108dB

Frequency response:


Impedance: 24ohms


Sennheiser HD650
 An open dynamic headphone that uses a highly optimized magnet system and a specially developed acoustic mesh to ensure that the HD650 achieves precise and consistent damping throughout the frequency response range, thereby reducing the total harmonic distortion index to The rare 0.05% accurately reproduces beautiful vocal music. The light aluminum coil can bring excellent transient response, and the emergence of neodymium magnets also makes the coil more efficient, which has greatly improved the listening experience. The oval headband design is ergonomic, making it more comfortable and natural to wear; it uses high-quality titanium silver finishes to interpret classic aesthetics and high-quality technical connotations.
The emergence of HD650 is Sennheiser's attempt to be more rational. Its high frequency is very clear in expressing the details and air of female voices and violins, as well as the details of friction on the strings, and its positioning is also processed very accurately. , when listening to brass music, it is not so high-pitched, but it can expand the overly crowded forward sound field and is full of texture; in terms of mid-frequency, the sound field of HD650 has reached unprecedented width and depth, and can respond with excellent response and speed. To show some of the climax of the explosive recording, the expressiveness of the vocals is also very amazing, with enough immersion to make you feel like you are at the concert; the low-frequency dive of the HD650 is also very clean and crisp, and has a full sense of volume. Overall, it is a Cost-effective headphones that can meet your various styles and expectations.

Frequency response: 10Hz-41kHz
Impedance: 300ohms
Sensitivity: 98dB


Beyerdynamic DT770PRO
It is characterized by "diffuse-field" diffusion field and "Bass reflex" low-frequency reflection design. Its excellent resolution quality and separation can sense the subtle changes in every musical detail, so that the original sound can be truly reproduced in the ears. between. For the music production process of balancing, polishing and adjusting the recorded music, DT 770PRO has the ability to interpret signals to a high level of precision. At the same time, the closed structure can attenuate external noise by 16dB. The overall earmuffs adopt a lightweight design, which can fit the curve of the head better and remain stable and comfortable even under long-term working conditions. DT770 Pro also has three impedances to choose from. Different impedance versions of the earmuffs are made of different materials. All ensure wearing comfort.
Adhering to the consistent sound style of Beyerdynamic headphones, DT770PRO can bring more advantages in resolution and separation than headphones in the same price range, but this does not affect its performance in mid- and low-frequency volume. , the sufficient depth is full of surprises; the vocal part is relatively delicate and smooth, and the density is medium to solid. Friends who like to listen to female voices or delicate male voices should be attracted by its performance; the high frequency maintains high resolution The extension and stretch brought by the force ensure that the characteristics of the sound are better displayed in the performance of string instruments, allowing the listener to feel a true performance closer to the original sound of the instrument. In general, the DT770PRO's strong resolving power and layered sound are very suitable for the more diversified music orientation of current mixing. You can feel the details and unique charm of the music during actual listening.

Sensitivity: 96dB
Frequency response: 5Hz-35kHz
Impedance: 32, 80, 250ohms


Audio-Technica MSR7
Commonly known as the Stranger's Wife; as the flagship product of ATH's 40th anniversary, it is also the first new attempt to develop Hi-Res Audio. The unique double-layer sound cavity combined with the triple acoustic sound hole structure can reasonably guide the airflow movement in the cavity and reduce the occurrence of resonance. The circuit structure of PCB also greatly improves sound distortion. The cavity shell adopts an all-metal ear-fitting design, which has excellent performance in terms of texture and resonance control. The headband and earcups are made of dark brown high-quality protein leather, which is very soft and comfortable. MSR7 can definitely be said to be of high quality. An excellent combination of texture and comfortable wearing.

The sound quality of MSR7 is quite excellent, and the overall style is immediately recognizable as the bright Japanese style that I prefer. This is especially reflected in the high frequencies. The middle and upper plates have a bright feeling, the texture is smooth and not harsh, and the extension and resolution are excellent. The sense of space in the mid-frequency part is just right, stretched and natural, and the human voice has a crisp, soft and fragrant texture. This adds a lot to the performance of the female voice, and also makes the female voice more agile, sweet, and full of ethereal inspiration, which is called female poison. Not too much. The overall volume of the low frequency part is less, but the texture of the dive is still good. Overall, the MSR7 three-band sound is relatively balanced and smooth, and its excellent performance for female vocals is definitely a highlight. The clean and fresh style has also become the preference of many people.

Sensitivity: 100dB
Frequency response: 5Hz-40kHz
Impedance: 35ohms
Cable length: 1.2m, 1.5m
Plug: 3.5mm

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