Best IEMs In 2022

Best IEMs In 2022

by Wish Audio

(1)64 Audio Fourte Blanc

Specific parameters:

Driver:1 tia High Driver – 1 High-Mid Driver – 1 tia Mid Driver – 1 Dynamic Low Driver

Frequency Response:5hz – 20kHz Frequency Response

Sensitivity :114dB

Impedance :10Ω Impedance

Isolation :-20dB

Its sound is more focused on the balance of details and feelings, Blanc is full of neutral and balanced,The sound is very catchy, easy to let people immerse in the process of enjoying the music. Its charming sound and beautiful panel can also be considered a good value.


  • Low frequency with a sense of power and impact
  • Mid frequency is thick and emotional
  • The panel is fantastic and pretty
  • The perfect combination of detail and atmosphere
  • Balanced Armature but with a taste of the unexpected


(2)Sennheiser IE 900

Specific parameters:

Transducer principle dynamic, Extra Wide Band (XWB)

Transducer size 7 mm

Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 48,000 Hz

THD: 0,05 % (1 kHz, 94 dB)

Impedance: 18 Ohm

A host of classic Sennheiser fascinating subdued, open and noble in this new flagship earbuds have been inherited. Although it is an in-ear headphones, whether from the atmosphere or sound effects are not inferior to the headphones, own it, can be described as a new experience of in-ear headphones.


  • Super sound stage comparable to headphones
  • High sensitivity and low impedance
  • pure and thick sound bottom
  • Equipped with the new X3R dynamic unit
  • Lightweight and compact


(3)Sony Z1R

Specific parameters:

Impendance:1 kHz@ 40 Ω

Sensitivity : 103 dB/mW

Frequency Response : 3 Hz – 100000 Hz

This headset has a good performance in the flagship models launched by Sony in recent years, if you are a Sony fan, and have enough budget, recommended to buy.


  • Three Frequency Equalization
  • Sound Restoration
  • Unique Sony tuning
  • Natural vocal
  • Listenable



Specific parameters:

Design : 4 Electrostatic drivers, Single custom high precision Ø10mm dynamic driver, 6 Balanced armature drivers,  with 5-way crossover design

Sensitivity : 112dB

Frequency response : 5Hz-102kHz

Impedance : 14 ohms

Each of SWEEAR’s headphones have a more distinctive style, each attempt is progress is also innovation; each innovation is a breakthrough in the product. This headset is the product of its dedication, extraordinary sound quality coupled with the appearance of fantasy , bringing visual and auditory double enjoyment.


  • Beautiful and distinctive appearance
  • Perfect fit of the cavity to the ear for a comfortable fit
  • IPP technology
  • High sensitivity and low impedance
  • Three Frequency Equalization with a huge sound stage


(5)Beyerdynamic Xelento

Specific parameters:


Frequency response : 8Hz-48kHz

Impedance : 16ohms


It can be called the best of the Dynamic headphones, the official said the headphones after four years of research and development and improvement before the launch of the market, it can be seen that the gold content of this headset should be quite enough to inherit the traditional style of Beyer, belonging to the larger audience aesthetic. In the burners of the word of mouth is also a high evaluation.


  • Tuning generous and natural
  • Equipped with Tesla unit
  • Low frequency is warm and thick
  • Interpret various styles
  • Mid and high frequencies are pure and bright


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