The Most Personalized IEM Represented – Custom Art FIBAE BLACK

The Most Personalized IEM Represented – Custom Art FIBAE BLACK

by Wish Audio


Known for Custom Art’s level of precision with BA based earphone, they make some of the most evolved and refined sounding earphones in the industry. In their pursuit to achieve most out of minimal resources they came up with the magnificent Fibae Black. Even though the Fibae Black has a single BA driver to work around. This single BA based earphone utilizes pressure optimizing design with their flat impedance design to extract the best out of the limited resources and man.



The Fibae Black has 3D printed acrylic shell.Just like every other Custom art earphone, the build quality of the Fibae black is outstanding.The Acrylic shell is very sturdy, the back plate fusion is flawless. There is no vent in the shell, a BA don’t need one at all. The nozzle has nice depth to it and its very easy to change tips.

There are many customization options available, some are with extra cost, you can chose different cables and one with Mic too. There is option to have the Fibae Black with MMCX connectors too, in case you don’t like the more secure feeling of the 2pin design.


The new cable is marginally more bouncy, slightly less supple and a bit more microphonics but it looks more premium and up to the class. The crystal clear Y splitter and cable slider give the Fibae Black more character.


Fibae Black has an aptly deep nozzle making it more stable and secure. Fibae Black fits like a dream inside my ears.

The smaller size, and ergonomically design makes it a very comfortable earphone for everyone. Another thing which helps is the weight, which is very light thanks to light weight shell material.


The Fibae Black is tuned for the both sides of the audiophile world. An audio enthusiast, a stage artist and a mastering artist will admire the Fibae Black equally. It delivers delicacies of music without going too hard at them, without peaks or sibilance of any type, with a soothing approach delivering a very clear and true to the nature tonality.

In their words the Fibae Black is:

“Designed as a statement, breaking rules and going against the current. With only single Balanced Armature FIBAE Black produces sound unmatched by any IEM within its class and above. Pressure Optimizing Design allows for extremely precise control of frequency response, improving soundstage and separation capabilities, without issues arising from crossovers or multi-driver constructions.

Natural smooth sound with fast-paced deep bass, forward mids and smooth extended highs. Tuned for correct tone and enjoyment without sacrificing extension on both ends. It’s one of our most versatile IEM yet combining musicality and precision. FIBAE Black is the perfect choice for daily use.”


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