Low Profile Black Tech – Cypher Labs Austru IEM

Low Profile Black Tech – Cypher Labs Austru IEM

by Wish Audio


The Austru consists of a 10mm Dynamic Driver, plus 3 Balanced Armature Drivers (1 for mids and 2 for highs). The Quad Driver Design also has a bass control switch, which alters the low-end response. The switch is very small and comes out of the shell. It feels like a studio kind of switch in appearance.


Build quality is excellent, The 2-pin cables sit deeply inside the recessed connectors, the faceplate looks great and the rest of the shell is very very sturdy. The transition from the actual shell to the faceplate is completely seamless and smooth. The nozzles are made from metal which is perfect.

Its design is slick; bright silver faceplates and a black coloured shell.It is quite big in size, as expected, but fortunately it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable in general use. Austru has a rounded shape and a good nozzle angle and therefore despite being a little bulky, the physical comfort is great.


Isolation is not outstanding but certainly not bad either. As usual, foam tips block the sound better but the silicone ones deliver a more sparkling sound. In addition, black foams give the best low end response to your ears. When using silicone tips the isolation is quite nice when the music is on so you shouldn’t face any isolation problems with the right size. But again, the best isolation comes with foams. Anyway, the fit is great and comfortable.



Austru is a very clean sounding, controlled and a balanced monitor. It can be considered as a little mid forward, as well as light, detailed and close to neutral. It’s not a meaty or bold monitor by any means but it doesn’t lack the bass response required. It has a good coherency across the spectrum and it controls the possible aggressive points very well.


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