Evaluation Of SWEEAR N7-PRO In Ear Monitor

Evaluation Of SWEEAR N7-PRO In Ear Monitor

by Wish Audio

With mobile phones:

I usually use my mobile phone to listen to music, mainly pop music and pure music. When I’m listening to a low-frequency song like Sad City, the N7 Pro sounds just right. The tight drum in the middle is loud and crisp because of the N7 Pro’s excellent transient sense and diving. It is dynamic but not deafening, making people feel comfortable and smooth rather than nervous.
And when I listen to piano music, I have a feeling of being in church. The sound is very clean and pure, with a sense of shape. It is as light as a flying elf, and also has a sense of painting, as if I could see the pianist hitting every key.
N7 Pro in the popular performance is also very let me surprise!
Every time I hear Eason’s bass, I will be blown away. With the N7 Pro, Eason’s bass is more tender and full, full of charm. With the lyrics of songs like Tourbillon and Shall We Talk, there is an indescribable sense of change, like a cup of mellow bitter coffee, which means the whole atmosphere is brought up.When listening to Adele, the voice is particularly transparent, there is the feeling of exposure to the concert! The feeling that listens to other popular song is similar also is such, bass is full have elasticity, in treble is clean connect fully, present feeling is right.

With Music Player:

I tend to listen to old songs with a sense of age with Colorfly U6. When listening to trumpet and jazz, the first impression on the ear is that the knot is clear and steady. Listen to the trumpet, as if you can see the trumpet player in full devotion to the cheeks; When you listen to jazz, it feels like two people are dancing hand in hand in front of you. It’s very pictorial.

Listening to the old songs is like the above mentioned, the atmosphere is full of feeling. The retro nostalgia of the last century comes to my face, and compared with the mobile phone, the background noise can be negligible with the U6 player. So it sounds more mellow.

SWEEAR N7-PRO is a IEM that I think a lot of people will like.

It can always make people can’t help but think of pictures when listening to songs.


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