Speakers Or Hifi Earphones, Which Is Better?

Speakers Or Hifi Earphones, Which Is Better?

by Wish Audio

In recent years there has been a saying that the end of hifi is the speaker. That hear this sentence people can not help but think: that I directly buy speakers on the good, less detours. But in fact, in my opinion, this is not good enough. hifi earphones and speakers bring a different listening experience, some people like the sense of speakers, some people like the sense of hifi earphones, there is no who is good and who is bad, who is right and who is wrong, only which is more like. In the following article, I will describe the personal sense of listening to speakers and hifi earphones, you can combine their feelings, choose their favorite way of listening to songs.


Speakers and hifi earphones have many differences, and the biggest difference lies in the different sound field and the use of different scenarios.


First of all, hifi earphones, its sound field than the speaker is certainly small, because the speaker is a fully open device, the earphones are relatively closed. But this also increases the sound insulation effect of the earphones, although the earphones to create a sense of space is limited, but good hifi earphones can play in a limited space of unlimited potential, some earphones separation and layering to the extreme, but also let people feel in the recital, but also let people ignore the fact that they are in a small world listening to a small earphones to send out a beautiful sound. At the same time, the earphones are not too large, mainly portable, can listen to songs anytime, anywhere, using a variety of scenarios, with the choice of equipment is also a lot, more playable.


And then the speaker, it is relatively hifi earphones is big, the sound from the big, sound field is also big, can 360 ° no dead angle to surround you in the sound wave, is relatively hifi earphones another immersive experience. It does not have soundproofing, but a large enough soundstage and volume can still let you ignore all the noise around you and focus on listening to music. Speakers tend to have a natural sound field and smooth and round low frequency, in this regard, the speaker can always bring the ultimate experience. However, compared with earphones, the speaker’s resolution and transient sense is relatively weak, the processing of the sound is not earphones quickly. And it is often used in the living room at home, conference rooms, audio-visual rooms and other places with more space and better sound insulation, in order to enjoy music without disturbing others, so its requirements for the use of the scene is more demanding.


The above is a comparison of speakers and hifi earphones and the advantages and disadvantages, or the beginning of the same, the two are not good or bad high or low, just choose according to their own likes and needs.

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