SWEEAR SR11- As Deep As Sea

SWEEAR SR11- As Deep As Sea

by Wish Audio

I had the opportunity to buy SWEEAR SR11. From the very beginning, the earphone gave me an amazing feeling. The deep and retro shape, like the sea, immediately attracted me.

The SR11 gave me a very special experience.

When I listen to rock music, the rhythm is very dynamic and the sound is very powerful. When I heard the climax of the song, my whole body was infected by the beautiful music.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the pop performance of the SR11 In Ear Monitor.

After all, it uses six electrostatic units, so the sound is clear. The musical details are well presented. The high pitch of the voice is very transparent and natural. The low frequency is full and powerful, the sound background is clean and deep.

The sound field is loose and comfortable, as I said at the beginning, as wide as the sea. The overall musical atmosphere feels very good, with a strong appeal.

This is a IEM that can be used to listen to voices, Musical Instruments, rock, and music.

It’s appearance level is very high, I feel happy to take out. It also has a plugable design, which makes it easy to matchmy phone with my player.

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