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  • Sale -1% MEZE AUDIO ADVAR Single Dynamic Drivers In Ear Monitor

    MEZE MEZE AUDIO ADVAR Single Dynamic Drivers In Ear Monitor

    INSPIRED BY ROMANIAN LORE For the archaic civilizations of Romania, an ADVAR was similar to a talisman or amulet –believed to be all powerful, it was a symbol of the ​absolute meant to bring blessing to those who wear it. ​ ​As descendants of ancient civilizations, we made it our mission to preserve the essence of our culture and pass it on. Capturing that very essence, this IEM is ready to bring balance to day-to-day life in the form of harmoniously tuned audio. ​ ​ADVAR is a piece of visual and sound art in its own rights, ready to unravel its mysteries piece by piece, with each listening. SOUND THAT TRANSCENDS THE ORDINARY With an endearing sound quality that matches various listening preferences, ADVAR delivers audible finesse that leaves no room for compromise. Inside the shell, a precisely tuned 10.2 mm single dynamic driver creates a warm, dynamic presentation that stays true to Meze Audio’s already established signature sound. The diaphragm offers impressive control all across the frequency range, leaving room to a smooth, velvet-like sound. Detail wasn’t sacrificed – ADVAR will unveil particularities with incredible accuracy, giving life to new, surprising ​notes waiting to be discovered in your favorite songs. ​ ​ADVAR is easy to drive and pairs well with any device, thanks to its hig sensitivity and low impedance. It provides accuracy and fidelity from 10hZ to 30kHz, offering you a mesmerizing listening experience. A SILHOUETTE INSPIRED BY ​NATURAL PATTERNS With a form inspired from the rounded surface of raw hematite and intricate curves sculpted with care, the stainless steel shell features an ergonomically contoured design that allows the earphones to be inserted and removed with ease. ​ ​Our long-term search for the optimal fit has led to a rock-solid shape that ensures the highest stability. The housing rests lightly on the ear and, together with the over-ear hooks, reduces discomfort during longer listening sessions. The sinuous design helps enhance the noise isolating properties of the earphone. Ear tips were carefully selected to provide an optimum, ​airtight fit, and conform easily to your ear's shape. Developed by Final Audio, ​the Type E model paired with Advar also brings an improvement to bass tones and ​reduces harsh tones in the high frequency range. The outer circles are similar to our representation of the ​“hora”, a traditional dance that carries a cosmic symbolism to Romanians – the ​circle of people united in hand represents a dance of the planets around the ​Sun, a magical union of the tangible with the spiritual. In the center of the ​circle, the Sun itself. Protector against darkness, a source of light that ​enables all things to thrive and grow. ​ This hallmark that accompanies Advar is placed here to reveal ​a piece of the one thing that makes us most unique - our Maramures-born soul. TECH SPECS Driver: 10.2mm Dynamic driver Frequency Range: 10 Hz - 30 kHz Impedance: 31 Ω SPL: 111dB/mW Distortion: <1% at 1kHz Materials: Solid stainless steel chassis produced by metal ​injection molding, with CNC finishing Finish: High-gloss Black Chrome plating on main shell ​


  • Sale -23% Maxell MXH-RF550/RF550B High-Resolution Audio-Compatible Canal-Type Headphones

    Maxell Maxell MXH-RF550/RF550B High-Resolution Audio-Compatible Canal-Type Headphones

      Reproduces high-resolution atmosphere and presence in a rich sound field Product Features Newly developed driver with lighter weight vibration system and newly designed diffused sound field balancer Realizes high frequency reproduction up to 40kHz Reproduces a well-balanced wide band, from crisp low frequencies to delicate high frequencies with good response. Two air layers created by precise and delicate space design< Newly designed dual chamber structure Broadband reproduction achieves a flat balance Achieves frequency characteristics that reproduce a rich sound field. Generates a space surrounded by sound and reproduces a wide sound field full of atmosphere and presence Suppresses peaks around 6 kHz that occur in blocked ear canals Acoustic circuit realizes unobtrusive and relaxed high frequency reproduction                           Hybrid body combining high-rigidity aluminum alloy and ABS resin Suppresses unnecessary resonance and realizes realistic and clear original sound reproduction Compatible with balanced drive connection Can be used with headphone amplifiers and audio players that support balanced drive <For 2.5mm 4-pole plug> A conversion plug to 3.5 mm 3 poles is included, so it can be used with smartphones etc.                          

    $136.00 - $168.00

  • Sale -9% MADOO Typ 821 - Double Sided Magnetic Planar IEM

    MADOO MADOO Typ 821 - Double Sided Magnetic Planar IEM

    The Madoo Typ821's breakthrough new development of the Ortho micro planar diaphragm monomer, rarely using double-sided magnetic pole arrangement, is equipped with 5 powerful magnets on the front and back sides of the ultra-thin printed circuit diaphragm monomer! It can achieve magnificent ultra-high frequency, up to 40000 cycles, and can create a clean and deep diving low frequency; In addition, the internal cavity is formed through 3D printing, which is difficult to form by traditional processing or injection methods, and has a high degree of accuracy.  Features: Drivers: Micro Planar "Ortho" Driver  Housing: Titanium + Sapphire crystal Impedance: 15 ohms Frequency Response: 20Hz~40KHz Connectors: MMCX Plug: 3.5 mm / 4.4mm


  • Sale -11% Fischer Amps FA-4E XB - 4 drivers with 3-way crossover design IEM

    Fisher Amps Fischer Amps FA-4E XB - 4 drivers with 3-way crossover design IEM

    The Fischer Amps FA-4E XB is a professional 3-way in-ear receiver with 2 bass drivers and a mid and high frequency driver. The receiver offers a high-resolution sound image with discreet bass boost and a fine-resolution mid/high frequency spectrum. 3-Way with 4 drivers (2x bass, 1x mid, 1x high) Extended bass with approx. 6 dB bass enhancement up to 100 Hz With ergonomically designed earpiece Ambient noise absorption approx. 20 dB Grey transparent Frequency range: 20 - 18.500 Hz Impedance: 19 Ohm Max. SPL: 119 dB Kink-resistant connector cable with 800 N tensile load Powerful sound with very precise mid and high frequencies Suitable for professional in-ear monitoring with high efficiency Detachable 140 cm cable with gold angled mini jack plug


  • Sale -15% Livezone R41 LZ-1 Fully Customizable Whole Range Single Dynamic Driver In Ear Monitor

    Livezone R41 Livezone R41 LZ-1 Fully Customizable Whole Range Single Dynamic Driver In Ear Monitor

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    A single driver technology that is “vented” and is suitably optimized to enjoy music “on the road” and isolate yourself from any outside noise. Clearly “custom” on the impression of the ear. It will pleasantly surprise you. Fully customizable to make it even more “exclusively yours.” Customize it with your own logo, design, colour. Fully compatible with any portable player and smartphone.   FREQUENCY RESPONSE :20 – 16 Khz IMPEDANCE : @ 1 Khz = 12 Z SENSITIVITY : 1 mW @ 1 Khz = 115,5 dB SPL INSULATION : < 26 dB CONNECTOR : Jack stereo 3,5 mm Standard

    10 in stock


  • Sale -7% UCOTECH ES2203 Brillante In Ear Headphone (2pin)

    UCOTECH UCOTECH ES2203 Brillante In Ear Headphone (2pin)

    About this item 14.8mm UCOTECH’s Dynamic Aluminium Housing with Anodizing Under-ear 2PIN type OCC 6N 4core Litz Silver-plated Cable Black Square EVA pouch


  • Sale -13% UCOTECH RE-1 PRO – Dynamic Universal In Ear Monitor

    UCOTECH UCOTECH RE-1 PRO – Dynamic Universal In Ear Monitor

    EXPERIENCE SUBLIME QUALITY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE WITH UCOTECH’S RE-1 PRO DYNAMIC DRIVER IEM Extremely well built, solid brass housing and very comfortable fit CNT 10mm dynamic drivers Includes OCC 4N 4-core silver-plated cable with MMCX connectors and 3.5mm termination Sounds best paired with a basic DAP or DAC with Balanced output Surprisingly excellent reference sound at a very affordable price


  • Sale -14% UCOTECH IL1000 – 8mm Dynamic Universal In Ear Monitor

    UCOTECH UCOTECH IL1000 – 8mm Dynamic Universal In Ear Monitor

    SPECIFICATIONS Housing: SLA 3D printed + Alloy Zinc Drivers: 8mm IDP Dynamic Frequency Range: 20 ~ 20,000Hz Impedance: 16Ω Sensitivity: 105dB/mW Cable Type: 2-pin 0.78 detachable with 4.4mm Pentaconn termination Cable Material: OCC 6N 4core silver-plated Weight: 0.50kg Dimensions: 7cm × 4cm × 4cm


  • SWEEAR SR11 – Hybrid 11 Driver In-Ear Monitor

    SWEEAR SWEEAR SR11 – Hybrid 11 Driver In-Ear Monitor

    Specification: ◆Drive Configuration:4 Electrostatic drivers, Single custom high precision Ø10mm dynamic driver, 6 Balanced armature drivers, with 5-way crossover design ◆Sensitivity :112dB ◆Frequency response : 5Hz-102kHz ◆Impedance : 14 ohms ◆Description:It is the first model introduce 4 electrostatic drivers with a custom dynamic and 6 balanced armature drivers design, thanks to sophisticated 5-way crossover, which provide the smooth vocal, tight, layered and punchy bass, and the incredible finest and high density treble as well as Independent Pipeline Purify (IPP) micro-acoustic technology . It is just like a high quality loudspeaker, neutral, full of room of detail recording room.


  • SWEEAR SP9 – Hybrid 9 Driver In-Ear Monitor

    SWEEAR SWEEAR SP9 – Hybrid 9 Driver In-Ear Monitor

    Specification: ◆Design: 4 Electrostatic drivers, Single carbon nanotube Ø10mm dynamic driver, 4 Balanced armature drivers,  with 5-way crossover design ◆Sensitivity: 113dB ◆Frequency Range: 16Hz-33kHz ◆Impedance: 19 ohms ◆Connector:CM2-Pin ◆Plug:3.5mm,2.5mm,4.4mm Interchangeable Plug ◆Description:In 2022, SWEEAR develops the SP9 with experience of the “grand music hall” SR11, same crossover structure but simplified balanced armature to achieve mastering-grade balanced and precision with reasonable cost. SP9 Continues SWEEAR’s Reference class top tier technology, that uses multiple advanced electrostatic, BA and dynamic drivers, and new gen. quad-bore of IPP micro-acoustic. We developed a new extremely high frequency BA that perform clearly separation and rapid response. Like SR11, the electrostatic drivers give the ultimate transparency and layered soundstage.


  • SWEEAR HEMERA – Hybrid 9 Driver In-Ear Monitor

    SWEEAR SWEEAR HEMERA – Hybrid 9 Driver In-Ear Monitor

    Specification: ◆Design:Single high precision Ø10mm dynamic driver, 8 Balanced armature drivers with 4-way crossover design ◆Sensitivity: 115dB ◆Frequency Range: 9Hz-23kHz ◆Impedance: 19 ohms ◆Connector:CM2-Pin ◆Plug:3.5mm,2.5mm,4.4mm Interchangeable Plug ◆Description:Two “The Best” under the same technology! Sweear team excitedly introduce the new Reference class – HEMERA hybrid drivers earphone. Although HEMERA use the same IPP (Independent Pipeline Purify) acoustic technology from the best mid-end DBA7, the HEMERAs’ neutural sounding reaches more clarity and solid by ~30%! HEMERA’s full-range performance is technically excellent and audible accurate phase. Thanks to the sophisticated but simplified crossover board, which like a AI to assign the 9 drivers including 10mm dynamic unit by ultra-high precise components. As for studio monitor, HEMERA’s industry leading design is the best LIVE partner, form vocal, guiter, keyboard to drumer!


  • SWEEAR HE8 – Octa-Driver In-Ear Monitor

    SWEEAR SWEEAR HE8 – Octa-Driver In-Ear Monitor

    Specification: ◆Design:8 balanced armature driver with 4-way crossover design ◆Sensitivity:119dB ◆Frequency Range: 13Hz-23kHz ◆Impedance: 13 ohms ◆Connector:CM2-Pin ◆Plug:3.5mm Plug ◆Description: HE8 has an ultimate neutral and balanced sound signature, ergonomic and comfortable design. HE8 is engineered by eight balanced armatures with 4-way crossover design. HE8 presents excellent frequency response, accurate high and dynamic low, a totally comprehensive monitor.


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