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  • Astell&Kern Kann Ultra Digital Audio Player

    Astell & Kern Astell&Kern Kann Ultra Digital Audio Player

    Features: Triple Output Mode Featuring Separately Configured Circuit and Amplifier Designs Headphone Out / Pre-Out / Line Out Next-Generation Octa-Core Processors With Significant High-Performance Improvements Supports 4 Preset Gain Settings With Ultra-High Output up to 16Vrms (Headphone Out) Equipped With ES9039MPRO Dual DACs Featured Digital Audio Remaster (DAR) Technology Supports Playback up to 32-bit/768kHz, Native DSD512 Features Astell&Kern's Unique TERATON ALPHA Technology Up to 11 Hours of Playback (Battery 8,400mAh) *Headphone Out 3.5mm Port: S/PDIF Out Supports 1. Headphone Out: The port features 4 preset gain settings and ultra-high output of up to 16Vrms. The headphone port is designed to perfectly run demanding headphones with high impedance using only the player with no external AMP. 2. Pre-Out: Select Pre-Out mode on the Pre/Line Out port to output sound to an external amplifier or audio device. This mode delivers sound through a specially designed Pre-Out amplifier, instead of the high-powered Headphone Out amp. Pre-Out functions like a Pre-AMP and you can control the volume with the volume wheel. *No Gain or Voltage settings, maximum output 2Vrms/4Vrms 3. Line Out: Select Line Out mode on the Pre/Line Out port to output sound that is optimized when connected to external devices. This mode outputs the sound from the DAC directly without going through an amplifier, resulting in the lowest noise level and making it ideal for connecting to external audio devices. Line Out has a fixed voltage output (4 levels) and no volume control. Other Features: Real-Time Visual Feedback: The LED lights integrated into the volume wheel of the KANN ULTRA provide instant feedback on device power, volume levels, or the Bit Depth of the current track. Users can easily toggle the LED display on or off based on their preferences. Support for High-Resolution Audio: KANN ULTRA boasts Native DSD512 and up to 32-bit/768kHz PCM audio playback capabilities, leveraging Astell&Kern's advanced audio technology to deliver an immersive listening experience with your favorite music. Seamless Wireless File Transfers: With the AK File Drop feature, transferring files becomes effortless. Users can wirelessly transfer files between the KANN ULTRA and other devices such as PCs, smartphones, or FTP programs on the same network, streamlining music management without the need for cables. Enhanced Music Discovery with Roon ARC: KANN ULTRA supports the Roon ARC App, providing remote access to personalized music libraries with rich metadata, empowering users to explore and discover more about their favorite artists, albums, and playlists. Immersive Display Experience: The KANN ULTRA boasts a spacious 5.5-inch Full HD display, offering users a vivid and comfortable viewing experience for navigating through their music library and settings. Consistent Volume Levels with ReplayGain: Enjoy seamless playback with ReplayGain, which automatically adjusts the loudness of each track to maintain consistent volume levels across your playlist. Supporting up to 24-bit/192 kHz sources, ReplayGain ensures a uniform listening experience on the KANN ULTRA. High-Quality Wireless Audio Playback: The BT Sink function enables seamless Bluetooth connectivity with external devices, allowing users to enjoy high-quality music playback from smartphones or other devices on the KANN ULTRA, similar to connecting a smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker.


  • FiiO M23 Portable Hi-Res Lossless Music Player (Deep Blue)

    FIIO FiiO M23 Portable Hi-Res Lossless Music Player (Deep Blue)

    Combo DACs The combination of the AKM AK4191EQ and AK4499EX DACs completely separates the digital and analog portions, while DWA Routing improves signal-to-noise and ensures natural, Hi-Res Audio reproduction. Dual THX AAA 78+ Amps Refining the AAA 78 amps found in the M11 Plus and Pro, FiiO equips the M23 with dual 4-way fully balanced THX AAA 78+ amps. They combine for true, balanced 8-way parallel amplification with greater power output while maintaining high fidelity music. Digital Audio Purification System Also known as DAPS, the Digital Audio Purification System is made up of a FiiO-developed Hi-Fi audio core that bypasses the stock Android core, and works with a low-jitter clock coprocessor. In addition to a unified low-jitter clock, this allows the M23 to maintain the original sampling rate of your music, no matter how it's being played. 4-Stage 20-Rail Power In order to handle all of this advanced analog and digital internal circuitry, FiiO gave the M23 a robust 4-stage 20-rail power supply. The system is comprised of independent digital and analog power supplies. The analog supply has separate rails for the DAC, small and large amplification parts, four stages of power processing: OVP, adaptive and LDOO voltage stabilization, high-efficiency voltage boosting, and Pi filtering.   A total of 28 high-capacity polymer tantalum capacitors are used to store large amounts of reserve energy when needed, with the primary analog power supply getting 4 KEMET low ESR high ripple suppression polymer tantalum capacitors, the THX power supply getting 12 KEMET capacitors, the I/V & LPF power supplies getting 6 AVX capacitors, and the DAC receiving 6 KEMET capacitors. Dual-Mode Fast Charging To help deliver the fastest charging times while maintaining battery health, the M23 can utilize extreme fast charging of up to 30W at a lower battery level, and auto-switch to a slightly slower normal fast charging mode when the battery is closer to being full. Super High Gain Mode When in fast charging, the M23's Super High Gain Mode can be activated for more gain and power to the audio outputs. Up to 1000mW + 1000mW per channel at 32 ohms, or up to 240 mw at 300 ohms, can be accessed for powering high impedance headphones. In addition, while in this mode the second USB-C port does not use power, so it can be repurposed to connect to a smartphone to use the M23 as a USB DAC. A High Gain Mode is also available, offering 475mW at 32 ohms or 55 mW at 300 ohms. Four Gain Levels Two low-noise OPA1612 op-amps for I/V and LPF stages, and two low-noise OPA1662 op-amps for voltage amplification come together to ensure audio is accurately played at the correct power output to support a wide variety of headphone and IEM types. Eight Panasonic Film Capacitors In the LPF section, 8 Panasonic film capacitors are used to give the M23 the ability to produce stable and consistent sound at each frequency band from both the left and right channels. Large 5500mAh Battery Equipped with a sizable 5500mAh battery for mobile use, the M23 is capable of up to 10.5 hours of runtime, or up to 9 hours of balanced battery runtime. A low-resistance MOS protection board is used to enhance overall battery life, and the battery supports fast 30W charging. With that level of charging, the M23 can achieve over 50% power from just 35 minutes of charging, or over 80% power after an hour. Global PEG & All-to-DSD A 10-band PEQ can be used in any operating mode to adjust EQ frequency points, gain, bandwidth, and Q value. This lets users fine tune or correct headphone frequency to their personal preferences, and All-to-DSD can be activated to experience audio in different formats. Six Operating Modes Enjoy your music the way you want with six different operating modes: Roon Ready, Android, Pure Music, Bluetooth, AirPlay, or over DLNA from a NAS, over a local network, or cloud servers through UPNP, SMB, or WebDav. Cutting Edge Design Utilizing the classic hexagonal honeycomb design of other FiiO portable players, the M23 boasts bold edges and 3D cuts in its metal frame, along with an electroplated tempered glass back panel. On the front is a large, 5.5" HD display with an 18:9 aspect ratio for easily navigating audio sources, viewing album art, and more. Intelligent Volume Adjustment Utilizing FiiO's second generation intelligent volume adjustment, you can dial in your levels by either clicking the physical built-in buttons, or sliding your finger on the textured carbon fiber touchpad. RGB Lights Pulsating RGB lights can be customized to your specific needs or used to give a visual indication of which sampling rate is currently being played. Two-Way Bluetooth As a Bluetooth transmitter, the M23 supports SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, LHDC, and LDAC codecs, with support for SBC, AAC, and LDAC as a Bluetooth receiver. Additional Features Remote control from your phone via mobile app MQA 8x playback for master-grade sound Metal-reinforced ports for durability and reliable connections Stainless steel battery compartment for improved heat dissipation Digital core, DAC, and headphone amp are isolated and shielded from each other to reduce crosstalk and interference 3.5mm port for headphones, line, and coaxial output 4.4mm port for balanced headphone and line output Add more storage with an optional microSD card up to 2TB


  • FIIO M11S Portable High-Resolution Lossless Audio Player

    FIIO FIIO M11S Portable High-Resolution Lossless Audio Player

    The FIIO M11S is a Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified portable music player that has a 5.15-inch bezel-less touchscreen. It features a Samsung Exynos 7872 chipset and offers 13 hours of battery life. Dual AK4493 High-Performance Audiophile DACs Inside the M11S are two AKM AK4493 DACs decoding your music. Compared to its AK4490 predecessor, not only has the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) been doubled but distortion has also been reduced by 1dB for greatly improved sound quality. Truly Balanced Audio Design The M11S has a specially custom-made OPA926 op-amp chip, which has a lower noise floor, lower distortion, and overall cleaner power compared to the AD8397 op-amp. Unbelievable Sound M11S has exceptionally good sound, especially with vocals and treble. The low-pass filter has been carefully adjusted, major improvements were made to the power supply, and key components such as resistors and capacitors were upgraded-resulting in the M11S reaching new heights in audio quality. Pushing the Boundaries of Wireless Hi-Fi With its support of Bluetooth 4.2, the M11S can transmit the SBC/aptX/aptX HD,LDAC/LHDC Bluetooth format as well as receive certain formats. A Music Player and a Capable Bluetooth Amplifier When set in the Bluetooth receiver mode, the M11S transforms into a high-quality Bluetooth amplifier, with significantly better frequency response, as well as lower distortion, noise floor, and cross talk compared to typical Bluetooth solutions. More Choices, Less Headaches The M11S has both 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced output. It retains the 3.5mm single-ended output as well eliminating the need for cumbersome adapters. Straight Lines You won't find any curves on the M11S- rather, its body composed only of straight edges is the ultimate extension of the polygonal style. 18:9 Touchscreen Adorning the front of the M11S is a large and colorful 5.15-inch, 10-point multitouch screen with 1440 x 720 resolution to give you an immersive experience. Glass-Backed Design The modern glass-backed design allows you to instantly make a tactile connection with the M11S with just the palm of your hand. The glass back features PET cooling and the sophisticated carbon-fiber texture lets others know that the M11S means business. Gold Tactile Volume Wheel Adding a splash of contrasting color to the all-black body is a gold-colored volume wheel, whose texture has been further improved and refined compared to the previous player for an even better feel. Quick Charge 2.0 The M11S takes 2.5 hours to fully charge its battery. It can play music for up to 13 hours and be placed in deep sleep standby mode for 50 days. Two-way Bluetooth with LDAC Features a Samsung Exynos 7872 chipset Long battery life Quickly charges in 2.5 hours Dual-band Wi-Fi 3GB Ram and 32GB storage Gold tactile volume wheel Modern glass-backed design


  • Sale -7% HiBy RS6 - Hifi Audio Player with 1080p Display & Open Android 9 OS

    HiBy HiBy RS6 - Hifi Audio Player with 1080p Display & Open Android 9 OS

    Android Lossless Digital Music Player The Darwin architecture is HiBy’s in-house developed all new hi-res digital signal processing architecture. In a breakthrough evolution of traditional R2R architecture, the system includes resistor ladder linearity compensation, and for the first time includes advanced functions such as linear FIR filter, nonlinear harmonics control, switchable oversampling / NOS, and DSD bypass on portable equipment. The end-to- end flexible architecture is fully configurable, creating endless possibilities for future upgrades and endless evolution. Complete R2R-based amplification stage Full of musicality, vibrant and natural, the R2R-based amplification stage brings music alive and performers onstage in an immersive experience. DSD bypass function With separate LPFs for PCM and DSD, native DSD decoding on an R2R system is no longer an oxymoron. The DSD specific LPF effectively reduces HF noise caused by the delta-sigma modulation process, optimizing DSD audio reproduction. Highly accurate audio crystal oscillators Press button to toggle charging in USB DAC mode--uncharging mode reduces battery consumption on smartphone and isolates device from external power supply noise. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS DACHiBy proprietary discrete DARWIN R2R DAC Operating systemAndroid 9.0 SoC modelSnapdragon 660 Body MaterialsPure Copper Dimensions130*73*15 mm WeightApprox. 315G Charging TimeApprox 3 Hours (0-100%) Frequency response (to -3dB)20-45kHz S/N Ratio114 Db Dynamic Range95 Db THD+N0.003% Output Impedance0.4Ω


  • Onix Overture XM5 Music Player DAP

    ONIX Onix Overture XM5 Music Player DAP

    nmistakable ONIX Design Classic ONIX look modernized for today, Overture fits perfectly alongside Miracle and Mystic. Main body crafted by CNC machines from high-grade aluminium, providing the perfect construction that’s strong and beautiful, especially when paired with the gold-plated volume wheel. High-End Audio Configuration Inspired by the audio design of the ONIX Miracle stack, Overture brings the sound of the flagship ESS ES9039PRO DAC to a portable world. Highly detailed, overflowing with dynamics and energy, while bringing husky and smooth voices. Paired with two TPA6120A2 amplifiers for exceptional power from a portable device, offering over 1W @ 32 Ohm. Pure Music System Simple and fast system, powered by the Ingenic X2000 platform and designed for the most demanding audiophiles. Avoiding the distractions of modern smartphones and just offering the core music experience. Playing Hi-Res files from MicroSD card, streaming with Tidal or running over DLNA/Airplay, uninterrupted High Fidelity sound is guaranteed. Multifunctional Hi-Fi Component While designed mainly as a portable player for headphone users, ONIX XM5 will easily fit into many roles in your home, office or dedicated Hi-Fi rig. Simply streaming Youtube from your phone over Bluetooth, serving as the ultimate USB DAC/Amp with your work laptop, offering digital out for standalone USB DACs or acting as an independent DAC for your powerful monoblock amplifiers, Audiophiles will always find new ways how to utilize the XM5 to its fullest potential. Specification Dimensions: 115 x 70 x 19 mm Weight: 275g System Platform: Ingenic X2000 System: In-House Developed Display: Square 3-inch OLED Touch Screen 720p Playback: MicroSD Card (up to 2TB), Tidal Online Streaming Controls: Touch Screen, 4 Hardware Buttons, Volume Wheel Remote Controls: SyncLink through Eddict Player app (Android & iOS) Bluetooth Connectivity: Two-Way Bluetooth 5.2 Bluetooth Codec Support: LDAC / aptX HD / aptX / SBC / AAC Wi-Fi Connectivity: 2.4G/5G, DLNA, AirPlay, Tidal USB DAC: Dedicated XMOS XU316 Chip Hi-Res File Support: PCM 768kHz / 32bit, DSD512 Headphone Outputs: 3.5mm Single-Ended, 4.4mm Balanced Battery: 7000 mAh, standard USB-C charging port Battery life: Up to 14 hours SE, 12 hours BAL 3.5mm Single-Ended Output Output Power Low gain: 0.79V@32Ω (19mW@32Ω) (THD+N<0.002%) Output Power High gain: 3.15@32Ω (310mW@32Ω) (THD+N<1%)   3.65V@300Ω (40mW@300Ω) (THD+N<0.02%) Output Impedance: 4.7Ω    4.4mm Balanced Output  Output Power Low gain: 1.5V@32Ω (75mW@32Ω) (THD+N<0.0008%) Output Power High gain: 5.7V@32Ω (1069mW@32Ω) (THD+N<1%)   6.9V@300Ω (158mW@300Ω) (THD+N<1%)   Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz (-0.5dB) THD+N: 0.0006% @32Ω (A-Weight) Dynamic Range: 121dB @32Ω (A-Weight) Channel Separation: 100dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio : 121dB @32Ω (A-Weight) Noise: 109dB @32Ω (A-Weight)  Output Impedance: 6.6Ω  


  • iBasso DX260 Digital Audio Player

    Ibasso iBasso DX260 Digital Audio Player

    Eight DACs In One Audio Player The DX260 features a whopping eight DAC chips - configured with the flagship-level CS43198 DAC from Cirrus Logic. This results in amazing detail and layering for any genre of music out there. Because of the new Octa-DAC design, the DX260 has excellent dynamic range and is able to bring out even the most minute detailing in your favorite music. The music player also features an impressively low noise floor, bringing it to spec with some of the top-performing gear on the audiophile market. The DX260's measurements are some of the best for music players. THD+N hits an astounding -123 dB! DNR and SNR measurements are leaps ahead of what the DX240 offered as well. This is a new standard in excellence for iBasso, and provides amazing performance that is unmatched at this price range. New FPGA-Master 2.0 System Controller - Complete Synchronization For Your Music The DX260 features the latest system controller update from iBasso with the FPGA-Master 2.0. The system controller directly requests audio data from the SoC (system-on-a-chip) and plays a critical role in maintaining signal integrity and reproduction. It syncs all the audio clocks with two NDK femtosecond oscillators that work in unison as a fully synchronized, single clock source. The FPGA-Master 2.0 system controller also offers haspicosecond-level precision and control, as well as adjusts the DAC clock, data, and constructing the FIR filter. Say "Goodbye" to Distortion The DX260 DAP Music player is equipped with a synchronous parallel output mode which reduces the discrete distortion between the DAC configuration and improves the overall performance of the DAC network. Each DAC Data Stream is Independently Adjustable With the implementation of the FPGA-Master 2.0, the DX260 is able to obtain incredibly precise control of the DAC clock and the data it receives. This effectively makes each DAC data stream independently adjustable. Why is this important? Because through a delay parallel of 4 DACs, the chips form a hardware analog FIR filter. This averages the differences between multiple DACs, reducing and minimizing distortion while improving the sound detail and realism at the same time. Specifications USB C: USB 3.1 Output Port: 4.4mm balanced phone out/ 3.5mm single ended phone out/ 4.4mm line out/ 3.5mm line out/ 3.5mm coaxial output/ USB OTG output WiFi: 802.11b/g/n/ac(2.4Ghz/5Ghz) Bluetooth: V5.0 RAM+ROM: 4G LPDDR4X, 64G ROM Battery: 4400mAh 3.8V li-polymer battery Charging Time: 2.5 hours Average Play Time: 14 hours (The play time varies with different resolutions, volume used and headphone/IEM loads.) Size 123mm*74.5mm*17.5mm Weight: 229g Contents: DX260 Player/ USB-C cable/ coaxial cable/ TPU case/ screen protector/ warranty card/ quick start guide 4.4mm Balanced Phone Port: Maximum Output Level: 6Vrms Output Power: 1015mW + 1015mW @32ohm,THD<0.5% Frequency Response: 10Hz~75kHz -1dB S/N: 133dB Dynamic Range: 133dB THD+N: -121dB (A-wt, 600ohm load) -114dB (A-wt, 32ohm load) Crosstalk: 145dB Noise Floor: < 930nV (Low-Gain) 3.5mm Single Ended Phone Out: Maximum Output Level: 3Vrms Output Power: 280mW + 280mW@32ohm, 586mW + 586mW@16ohm,THD<0.1% Frequency Response: 10Hz~75kHz -1dB S/N: 128dB Dynamic Range: 128dB THD+N: -115dB (A-wt, 600ohm load) -110dB (A-wt, 32ohm load) Crosstalk: 118dB Noise Floor: < 850nV (Low-Gain) 4.4mm Balanced Line Out: Maximum Output Level: 4Vrms Frequency Response: 10Hz~75kHz -1dB S/N: 133dB Dynamic Range: 134dB THD+N: -123dB Crosstalk: 145dB 3.5mm Single Ended Line Out: Maximum Output Level: 2Vrms Frequency Response: 10Hz~75kHz -1dB S/N: 128dB Dynamic Range: 128dB THD+N: -112dB Crosstalk: 115dB


  • Shangling M9 Plus Music Player DAP

    SHANLING Shangling M9 Plus Music Player DAP

    The M9 Plus is based on the same Android platform as the original M9, but it enjoys all the improvements that Shanling software team implemented over the past 20 months of development. Beautiful 6-inch 2k screen, with a speedy Snapdragon 665 octa-core CPU running open Android 10 system, packing 8GB RAM for smooth multitasking, generous 256GB internal memory for all your apps, and MicroSD card with support up to 2TB. Alongside the AK4499EX, Shanling adds two units of the AKM AK4191 Delta-Sigma modulator, the crucial partner for AK4499EX and the extra step that makes this new generation of AKM sound stand out next to its legacy. Crystal oscillators were upgraded to 90.3168MHz / 98.304MHz versions, the in-house developed I/V conversion circuit was adjusted for ADA45253 and the whole DAC section got its own independent XC9519 power supply chip. The amplifier section adopts Shanling's proven OP+BUF architecture, now featuring MUSES 8920 J-FET and BUF634 combination for smoother and finer sound, with an improved power supply for increased stability and total power output at 1120 mW @ 32 Ohm. And of course, all are accompanied by ELNA Silmic II and Panasonic Tantalum capacitors, so important for the warmer and smoother Shanling house sound. Features: Quad AKM AK4499EX DACs + Dual AKM AK4191 Modulators Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 CPU 8GB RAM 256GB Internal Memory 2K 6-inch Touchscreen Open Android 10 XMOS XU316 USB Input Aluminum Body Construction Up to 1125mW at 32ohms Power Output


  • Sale -30% Cayin N7 Digital Music Player 1 bit DAC

    Cayin Cayin N7 Digital Music Player 1 bit DAC

    Features at a Glance Discrete Dual BJT Low Pass Filter 1-Bit resistor network DSD decoding Discrete JFET + BJT headphone amplifier 16x MQA full decoder Dual amps: Class A/AB modes 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced headphone outputs 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced line and pre-outputs 3x digital interface: I2S, USB, and Coaxial Dual femtosecond oscillators 4-ch JRC electronic volume Wireless DAC, Bluetooth 5.0, LDAC, UAT, and AAC codecs HiByCast and HiBy Link Dual band WiFi 2.4G/5G Snapdragon 665, 4GB RAM, TFx1, & 64GB internal storage Android 12 DTA 9000 mAh battery = 6.5-10 hr battery life, features PD2.0 5’ TFT FHD touchscreen Sandblasted CNC aluminum Pure 1-Bit DSD DAC The N7 uses discrete resistor networks for DSD format. The micro-miniaturized 1-bit DAC circuit uses fully-discrete components. Discrete 1-bit DAC: converts digital signal to an analog signal through a resistor network composed of 128 pcs (4x32) high-precision thin film resistors. FPGA: Enhances the digital audio signal and output L+, L-, R+, R- digital bitstream for fully-balanced decoding. Audio Bridge: pass-through DSD unaltered, convert PCM to a 1-bit bitstream before transmitting to the DAC circuit. Power Supply: the N7 uses a sophisticated low-noise highly-isolated supply circuit to support different functions of digital and analog processing separately.


  • Sale -12% Shanling M5 Ultra  High-End Mtouch Portable Music Player

    SHANLING Shanling M5 Ultra High-End Mtouch Portable Music Player

    Technical Details DAC   AKM AK4499EX + AK4191 Amplifier   Dual TPA6120A Platform   Ingenic X2000 System   MTouch developed by Shanling Screen   4.7-inch 1280 x 720 Touchscreen Memory   MicroSD card slot Hi-Res Support   PCM 32 bit / 768 kHz & DSD512 USB Input   XMOS XU316 Wi-Fi   2.4/5G, supporting DLNA, Airplay, NAS and OTA Updates Bluetooth   Upgraded 5.2 with Bi-Directional support of LDAC, aptX HD, aptX, AAC Companion app   Eddict Player app through SyncLink Connectors   3.5mm Single-Ended, 4.4mm Balanced, USB-C Battery   6000 mAh Battery life   Up to 11 hours Dimensions   120 x 75 x 19.5 mm Weight   247 g Single-Ended Output   Power: 315 mW @ 32 Ohm                                    THD+N: 0.0009%                                    Channel Separation: 75 dB                                    SNR: 121 dB                                    Output impedance: 4.7 Ohm Balanced Output   Power: 1100 mW @ 32 Ohm                             THD+N: 0.0007%                             Channel Separation: 110 dB                             SNR: 124 dB                             Output impedance: 6.6 Ohm


  • Cayin N3 Ultra Dual AK4493S Triple Timbre Digital Audio Player


  • Sale -37% Korg MR-2 1-Bit Hand-Held Digital Audio Recorder

    KORG Korg MR-2 1-Bit Hand-Held Digital Audio Recorder

    10 in stock

    The MR-2 from Korg offers incredibly high-quality 1-bit recording in an ultra-portable design that's great for reporters, musicians, field audio recordists, and more. The MR-2 supports DSDIFF, DSF, and WSD 1-bit formats to capture every detail of the sonic world around you at SACD quality. It can also record multi-bit PCM formats at rates up to 24-bit/192kHz. The MR-2 writes your files to widely-available SD/SDHC flash memory cards for convenient storage and sharing. The included AudioGate software allows you to convert your 1-bit files into today's most popular file formats, including AIFF, FLAC, and MP3. Korg MR-2 Handheld 1-bit SD Recorder Features at a Glance: Multiple-format recording and playback, including SACD ultra-high-quality 1-bit DSD at 2.8224MHz, as well as multi-bit PCM formats up to 24-bit/192kHz DSDIFF/WSD/DSF/WAV(BWF)/MP3/MP2 recording and playback supported High-performance XY-configuration stereo electret condenser mic that's capable of rotating 210 degrees Screw mounts for easy tripod mounting 3.5mm mic input 3.5mm line input 3.5mm headphone output High-performance analog limiter, low-cut filter, and bass EQ 40 recording setups, with mic sensitivity, limiter, low-cut filter, and bass EQ settings 10 custom user settings Records directly to (and plays back from) SD or SDHD cards USB 2.0 (Mini-B-type USB connector) for high-speed data transfer Korg chromatic tuner built-in 128 x 128 pixel LCD with noiseless backlight Operates on 2 AA nickel-metal hydride batteries or via USB bus power

    10 in stock


  • Sale -23% Korg SOUND on SOUND Unlimited Track Audio Recorder

    KORG Korg SOUND on SOUND Unlimited Track Audio Recorder

    Key Features Pocket-Sized Design CD-Quality WAV Recording microSD/SDHC Media Integrated Stereo Microphone The SOUND on SOUND (or SOS) from Korg is a compact audio recorder that literally gives you unlimited tracks in the palm of your hand. The recorder captures CD-quality PCM WAV files at 16-bit/44.1kHz. The files are BWF compliant for professional use. Your recordings are stored on widely-available microSD or microSDHC flash memory cards for terrific stability and ease of sharing. The SOS can record up to 26.6 hours on a 16GB card, letting you capture anything you like. With up to 6 hours of continuous recording, up to 200 songs, and an unlimited amount of undo and redo functions, the sky is truly the limit.



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