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    thebit Thebit Audio OPUS#1S - Evolved Lossless Music Player

    Next Generation Power Enhancement Opus # 1S any users like Korean made DAP. In addition to major brands, the new brand Opus also has a good mouth beer, which has the stability and high quality of Korean made DAP, and the price is very reasonable. The Opus # 1 launched earlier has opened up a niche in the mid to low price market. It is unknown whether the recently launched Opus # 1s can take on the trend of the previous one and break through again?New integrated chip enhances sound quality Opus # 1s uses the newly launched Cirrus Logic CS43198 decoding chip in 2017, which is also a dual decoding Dual Mono design. Compared to CS4398, its digital specifications are more eye-catching, with an increase in signal-to-noise ratio of 125dB, total harmonic distortion, and crosstalk. The most direct experience for everyone should be the increase in output power, with unbalanced output rising from 2.1Vrms to 3.1Vrms and balanced output reaching 3.4Vrms, The power is even stronger than some higher-order DAPs.A gentle and delicate tone This time, we will use the Fender FXA9 6-action iron unit earphones paired with Acoustune ARC series cables for trial listening. First, we will test the unbalanced output. Opus # 1s can broadcast rich details, but not the sharp and hard texture. It is more natural and soft, and with a certain enhancement of the bass, it is more full and round. The Jazz effect is excellent, but due to the gentle sound, listening to Rock and Metal is slightly less stimulating. Afterwards, when switching to balanced output, the sound field width was significantly widened by one level, and the sound positioning was also pushed back a step, resulting in a more natural listening experience. The sound still tended to be soft, and this "gentleman like" tone is difficult to find in DAP at this price range.​


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