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    SHANLING H0 is a high-performance USB DAC and Amplifier is with built-in music, equipped with CS43198 DAC chip which are capable of high performance and accurately reproducing high-resolution audio. CS43198 DAC: SHANLING H0 is equipped with Cirrus Logic CS43198 DAC, capable of high performance and accurately reproducing high-resolution audio. High-End Decoding SHANLING H0 is equipped with the 3rd Gen 16core Xmos XU316 USB input, supports up to 32bit/768kHz PCM and DSD256, you will be able to hear even the finest details within your music! Dual SG-Micro SGM8262 Amplifiers Utilizing two SG-Micro 8262-2 op-amps for the balanced headphone output, rich and warm for the most pleasing enjoyment. Hi-Fi Grade USB Input Third generation XMOS XU316 Stable Asynchronous Connection. With a new generation of the highly-acclaimed USB chipset, assuring the top-quality digital input for H0. The 16-core audio solution provides anasynchronous connection for high-fidelity soundand full support for Hi-Res playback of PCM, DSD and MQA files. Native: DSD256 PCM: MOA Full Decoder. Awarded "Hi-Res Audio" certifications from Japan Audio Society. Connection Shanling H0 is equipped with a USB digital interface, which supports the output of coaxial/optical signals as a USB digital interface, and supports UAC1.0 drive-free mode, which has a very rich use scenario as following: PC Laptop/Tablets PS5/Switch/Smartphones, with UAC1.0 mode available for compatibility with PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Simple Interface Three Gain Levels Packing standard 3.5mm single-ended and balanced 4.4mm headphone outputs, for easy compatibility. Offering three levels of amplifier gain, assuring an ideal match with a wide range of headphones. 3.5 mm Single-Ended, 175mW@32Ω. 4.4 mm Balanced, 690mW@32Ω.   Specifications: DAC  Cirrus Logic CS43198 DAC THD+N 115dB Headphone output ports  3.5 mm Single-Ended, 4.4mm balanced output Audio input interface  Type-C Cable Support DSD  256 3.5mm Single-Ended Headphone Output: Low Gain: 1.2V@32Ω (45mW@32Ω)High Gain: 2.37V@32Ω (175mW@32Ω)Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz (-0.5dB)THD+N: 0.0004%@32Ω(A-Weight@1V Low Gain)Dynamic Range: 125dB@32Ω (A-Weight High Gain)Channel separation: 80dB@32ΩSignal-to-noise ratio: 126dB @32Ω (A-Weight High Gain)Noise: 118dB (Low Gain)  4.4mm Output Low Gain: 2.6V@32 Ω (211mW@32Ω)High Gain: 4.7V@32Ω (690mW@32 Ω)Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz (-0.5dB)THD+N: 0.0006%@32Ω(A-Weight@4V High Gain)Dynamic Range: 127dB@32 Ω (A-Weight High Gain)Channel separation: 109dB@32 ΩSignal-to-noise ratio: 128dB@32 Ω (A-Weight High Gain)Noise: 115dB (Low Gain)  3.5mm Line-out Output Low Gain: 1.2V@32 ΩHigh Gain: 2.37V@32ΩFrequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz (-0.5dB)THD+N: 0.0003%@32Ω(A-Weight@2V Low Gain)Dynamic Range: 125dB@32 Ω (A-Weight High Gain)Channel separation: 117dB@32 ΩSignal-to-noise ratio: 128dB @32Ω (A-Weight High Gain)Noise: 117dB (Low Gain) Accessories 1X USB-A to USB-C Cable1XSHANLING H0, 1X Manual


  • Luxury Precision W2 Ultra Portable USB DAC/AMP Headphone AMP

    Luxury & Precision Luxury Precision W2 Ultra Portable USB DAC/AMP Headphone AMP

    W2U "The Extraordinary" 800mW+800mW Continuous High Power Output! L&P's New High-Power Dongle W2 Ultra. Basic parameters Product model:W2 Ultra Color/Size/Weight:GREEN/63x24x12.5mm/26g Display:0.91 inches monochrome OLED Packages list:Manual x1/warranty card x1/C-C cable x1/TYPEA-C adapterx1 SNR:3.5mm: 129db(A Weighting),4.4mm: 133db(A Weighting) Dynamic Range:3.5mm: 129db(A Weighting),4.4mm: 133db(A Weighting) THD+N:3.5.mm:0.00048%@32Ω,4.4mm:0.00012%@300Ω Output power:3.5mm:216mW@32Ω,4.4mm:800mW@32Ω Output voltage:3.5mm: 2.65Vrms,4.4mm:5.3V DAC:CS43131x2 Input ports:Type-C USB female Output ports:3.5mm SE (PO, SPDIF) 4.4mm balanced Sampling Rate PCM:16/24/32bit 44.1KHz-384KHz Sampling Rate DSD:Native DSD64/Native DSD128/Native DSD256 Supported systems:1OS/OS/Android/Windows/linux Function Parameter EQ:Normal/CLASS/JAZZ/ROCK/POP/BASS/MOVIE/GAME SDF Tone tuning:NORMAL/IER-M9/IER-Z1R/SE846/IE800S/Xelento /IE600/IE900/Traillii Ti/N500S/HD800/Utopia Gain:HIGH/LOW Digital Filter:FAST/SLOW/NOS/LL FAST/LL SLOW HID Key:Supported SPDIF output:Supported Firmware upgrade:Supported LP TUNE:TUNE 01/TUNE02 PA voltage adjust:±4.5V/±6V


  • iBasso DC07 PRO Hi-Res Portable USB DAC/Amp

    Ibasso iBasso DC07 PRO Hi-Res Portable USB DAC/Amp

    A Masterpiece Dongle: THD+N: 0.000098% The DC07PRO is a dongle that combines iBasso's extensive experience in dongle development and design elements from their audio players. It utilizes advanced technologies to create a dongle with exceptionally low THD+N. The DC07PRO has made significant advancements in its performance, with class leading performance on several metrics. DC07PRO’s FPGA System Controller Developed In-House The DC07PRO utilizes iBasso's FPGA technology, developed in-house. The FPGA integrates audio algorithms and performs as the system controller of the dongle. As the core of the DC07PRO, the FPGA plays the role of signal regeneration and clock synchronization.  The FPGA also generates ultra-low jitter clocks for DAC and USB receiver, which can effectively reduce the clock jitter caused by the USB bus. CS43131x4 Flagship DAC Array The DC07PRO utilizes four pieces Cirrus Logic flagship CS43131 DAC chips in combination with iBasso's exclusive FPGA technology and experienced circuit design. The results are a comprehensive leap in audio measurements. Measured THD+N by Audio Precision analyser is a remarkable -120.2dB! Utilizing iBasso's exclusive FPGA, the DC07PRO supports DSD512 and PCM 32bit/768kHz. Impressive Power Consumption with High Power Output DC07PRO utilizes a synchronous DC-DC converter with a power conversion efficiency of up to 94%. The power consumption of the DC07PRO is as low as 80mA, which is 40% lower than that of DC04PRO, and the output power is increased by 82%! The DAC power supply adopts an ultra-low noise LDO dedicated for analog circuits, with a PSRR (power supply rejection ratio) of up to 100dB to ensure the purity of the power supply. 32bit/768kHz SPDIF Output The DC07PRO supports SPDIF output up to 32bit/768kHz. With the DC07PRO, your smartphone also can now be a top tier SPDIF transport.


  • QULOOS MUB1 Four CS43131 Portable DAC / AMP

    QULOOS QULOOS MUB1 Four CS43131 Portable DAC / AMP

    Dimensions (WxHxD):96*65*14.5mmBody Material:MetalBluetooth:YesDSD (Direct Stream Digital):YesOperational Amplifier Chips Model:4*BUF634DAC Model:4*CS43131DAC chipsOutput Power:1100mWModel Number:MUB1Type:Mini AmplifierRecommended Headphone Maximum Impedance:81-100 OhmBuilt-in Battery:YesOutput Type:COAXIAL,OPTICAL,LINE OUT (AUDIO OUT),Balanced OutInput Type:USBBrand Name:QuloosOrigin:Mainland China Body size: 96 * 65 * 14.5mm ( L * W * H )Mainframe weight: 142gInput interface: Typc-C USB data, Type-C USB power & charging, wireless BluetoothBluetooth format: Bluetooth 5.0, LDAC, APTX, APTX-HD, AAC, SBCUSB protocol: UAC2.0 protocol / UAC1.0 protocol, support Windows, Mac, Android, ios systemUSB port DSD sample rate: 2.8224MHz (DSD64), 5.6448MHz (DSD128), 11.2896MHZ (DSD256), Native or DoPUSB port PCM sample rate: 16Bit ~ 32Bit, 44.1kHz ~ 384kHZOutput Connector: 3.5 single-ended & 4.4 balanced headphone (can be set to Line out / Aux out) , 3.5 optical or coaxial SPDIF digital outputOptical / Coaxial output: 16Bit ~ 24Bit, 44.1kHZ ~ 192kHZ PCM, DoP64DAC chip: CS43131* 4pcs, QFN large packageOP: selected moist, excellent music sense OP * 2pcsHeadphone chip: BUF634 for desktop headphone * 4pcs


  • ONIX Alpha XI1 Dual CS43198 Portable USB DAC/AMP

    ONIX ONIX Alpha XI1 Dual CS43198 Portable USB DAC/AMP

    Excellent Sound in Smallest PackagePair of top-of-the-line Cirrus Logic CS43198 DACs provide exquisitely clean sound, while still providing our unique sound tuning. Running in a fully balanced setup, feeding two dedicated SGM8262 headphone amplifiers, offering up to 500 mW @ 32 Ohm output power. Making ONIX XI1 into a truly powerful tiny beast, driving anything from sensitive IEMs to demanding full-size Planars.Advanced ControlONIX XI1 offers a 0.87-inch monochromatic screen for quick access to a range of settings directly on the device, without any need to dive into a companion app and compatible with an unlimited range of systems. A trio of hardware buttons then provide quick and tactile control over volume and playback. SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 64 x 32 x14 mmWeight: 38gHi-Res Support: 32bit / 768kHz & DSD256Gain: Low & High GainDisplay: 0.87-Inch MonochromaticControls: 3 Hardware Multifunctional ButtonsInput: Standard USB-C ConnectorCompatibility: Android & iOS Devices, Windows & Mac Computers* For devices using Lightning Connector, please purchase Shanling L3 cable3.5mm Single-Ended Output:Output Power: 2.4V@32Ω (180mW@32Ω)Output Impedance: 0.4Ω4.4mm Balanced Output:Output Power: 4.0V@32Ω (500mW@32Ω)THD+N: 0.0005% @32Ω (A-Weight)Dynamic Range: 129dB @32Ω (A-Weight)Channel Separation: 99dBSignal-to-Noise Ratio : 129dB @32Ω (A-Weight)Output Impedance: 0.8Ω


  • Sale -8% iFi xDSD Gryphon Portable USB Bluetooth DAC and Amp

    IFI iFi xDSD Gryphon Portable USB Bluetooth DAC and Amp

    SPECIFICATIONS: Inputs WirelessWired (digital)Wired (analogue) Bluetooth 5.1 (aptX, aptX HD, aptX Adaptive, aptX LL, LDAC, HWA, AAC and SBC Codec)USB-CS/PDIF co-axialBalanced 4.4mmSingle-Ended 3.5mm Formats DSDPCMDXDMQA (Decoder)Bluetooth DSD512/256/128/64, Octa/Quad/Double/Single-Speed768/705.6/384/352.8/192/176.4/ 96/88.2/48/44.1kHz768/705.6/384/352.8kHz, Double/Single-Speed DXD384/352.8kHzUp to 96kHz DAC Burr-Brown Battery USB-C charging. BC1.2 compliant up to 1900mA charging current Dimensions 123x75x19 mm4.8"x3.0"x0.7" Weight 215 grams0.5 Ibs Line Section Outputs BalancedS-Bal (SE) 6.7V max. (variable)3.5V max. (variable) Output Impedance BalancedS-Bal (SE) ≤200Ω≤100Ω BalancedS-Bal (SE) <110dB(A) @ 0dBFS<110dB(A) @ 0dBFS BalancedS-Bal (SE) <0.007% @ 0dBFS<0.015% @ 0dBFS Headphone Section Outputs BalancedS-Bal (SE) 4.4mm Pentaconn3.5mm SE Output Power BalancedS-Bal (SE) >1000mW @ 32Ω>74mW @ 600Ω>6.7V max. @ 600Ω>320mW @ 32Ω>40mW @ 300Ω>3.5V max. @ 600Ω Output Impedance BalancedS-Bal (SE) <1Ω<1Ω SNR BalancedS-Bal (SE) <116dB(A) @ 0dBFS<115dB(A) @ 0dBFS THD+N <0.005% (1V @ 16Ω)


  • iBasso DC-Elite Portable DAC/Amp

    Ibasso iBasso DC-Elite Portable DAC/Amp

    A SUPERB FLAGSHIP DONGLE HAS BEEN CREATED In addition to the DX320MAX'S ROHM BD34301EKV DAC chip, 24 position 4 section stepped attenuator, current output DAC architecture, titanium exterior, and numerous cutting-edge technologies and materials, the DC-Elite exemplifies the MAX standard. Integrated DX320MAX technology has created a Mount Everest dongle. FLAGSHIP CURRENT OUTPUT DAC CHIP, THE ROHM BD34301EKV A flagship current output DAC chip is being used for the first time in a dongle. The DC-Elite achieved a historic milestone. The BD34301EKV DAC by ROHM, along with meticulously engineered circuitry, improves the dynamic range, widens the soundstage, and boosts the high-fidelity audio capabilities of the DC-Elite. 24 POSITION 4 SECTION STEPPED ATTENUATOR iBasso completely revamped the traditional 24-position, 4-section stepped attenuator, by compressing the volume to one-tenth of the size of the original attenuator, while ensuring that the channel imbalance tolerance is below 0.1dB.We have pioneered the use of this attenuator specially built for DX320MAX on the DC-Elite. Say goodbye to the bit reduction issue in digital volume adjustment. At normal volume with a 320 load (approximately 50mV-100mV output), DC-Elite's SNR leads the way in dongle products. COMPLETE FLAGSHIP PLAYER STRUCTURE, IT IS INVINCIBLE The DC-Elite adopts FPGA->DAC->I/V->LPF->VOL->AMP complete player architecture. Equipped with 6 dual OPAMPs and developed around the flagship DAC chip BD34301EKV, this compact device delivers exceptional playback performance. The DC-Elite's structure sets it apart from the competition. It pushes the boundaries of design and achieves a significant advancement in sound quality, demonstrating a level of innovation and excellence that is unparalleled. IN-HOUSE DEVELOPED FPGA WITH NDK FS OSCILLATOR The DC-Elite takes advantage of our in-house developed FPGA algorithm. Attaining an exceptionally low jitter is made possible by utilizing the NDK femtosecond oscillator, which leads to minimal distortion and a significant improvement in the quality of the musical sound. EXQUISITE SOUND QUALITY, EFFICIENT POWER CONSUMPTION CONTROL With its exceptional internal circuit design, the DC-Elite boasts impressive power consumption, despite featuring a desktop-level flagship DAC and a comprehensive player architecture. With its balanced 690mW and single-ended 630mW power consumption, this device offers distinct advantages over other flagship models in its class. These unique features set it apart from the competition. WITH A GREAT UAC COMPANION APP PRACTICAL FEATURES ARE ALREADY IN PLACE The iBasso UAC APP has been fully upgraded to work with the DC-Elite which provides the following. 4 Steps of PCM Volume Reduction 2 Options for Digital Filters 20 Steps of L/R Balance SPECIFICATIONS DAC Chipset: ROHM BD34301EKV PCM: up to 32bit/768kHz DSD: Native DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512 Coaxial Out: Up to 32bit/768kHz Weight: 60.5 g Size: 64mm x 35mm x 14.5mm 4.4mm Balanced Output Voltage: 4.6Vrms Output Power: 280mW@32ohm,70mW@300ohm THD+N: 0.00022% (300ohm load) 0.00031% (32ohm load) Frequency Response: 10Hz~50kHz-0.5dB S/N: 121dBA Dynamic Range: 118dBA Noise Floor: 3.5uVrms (Normal listening volume: <0.94V) Output Impedance: <0.4ohm 3.5mm Single-ended Output Voltage: 2.28Vrms Output Power: 162mW@320hm THD+N: 0.00028% (300ohm load) 0.00056% (32ohm load) Frequency Response: 10Hz~50kHz-0.5dB S/N: 117dBA Dynamic Range: 115dBA Noise Floor: 2.4uVrms (Normal listening volume: <0.84V) Output Impedance: <0.2ohm


  • Luxury & Precision W4 EX Portable USB DAC/AMP Headphone Amplifier

    Luxury & Precision Luxury & Precision W4 EX Portable USB DAC/AMP Headphone Amplifier

    Specifications Basic Parameters Model W4EX Color/Size/Weight Prussian Blue / 63x24x12.5mm/24g Screen 0.91-Inch OLED Accessories:User Manual X1 / Warranty Card X1 / Type-C To Type-C Cable X1/ Type-C To Lightning Cable X1 / USB-A To Type-C Female Adapter X1SNR A-WT 20Hz-20KHz BW:Single-Ended:129db Balanced:132db DAC LPG5108-EX Input Interface Type-C USB Female Socket Supported Systems IOS/OS/Android/WIN/Linux  Functional Parameters EQ Normal/CLASS/JAZZ/ROCK/POP/BASS/MOVIE/G5AME SDF Tuning Normal/Xelento/IE800S/IER-ZIR Gain Adjustment Supported HIGH/LOW  Digital Filter Fast/Slow/NOS/LL FAST/LL SLOW HID Key Supported SPDIF Output Supported Firmware Upgrade Supported LP Tuning Second-5eneration TUNE 01/ TUNE 02


  • Luxury & Precision W4 Portable USB DAC/AMP

    Luxury & Precision Luxury & Precision W4 Portable USB DAC/AMP

    Basic Parameters Model W4 Color/Size/Weight Phantom Gray / 63x24x12.5mm / 24g Screen 0.91-inch OLED Accessories User manual x1 / Type-C to Type-C cable x1 / Type-C to Lightning cable x1 / USB-A to Type-C female adapter x1 SNR A-WT 20Hz-20kHz BW Single-ended: 131db, Balanced: 135db DR A-WT 20Hz-20kHz BW Single-ended: 131db, Balanced: 135db THD+NA-WT@32Ω 20Hz-20kHz BW Single-ended: 0.0003%, Balanced: 0.00013% THD+NA-WT@300Ω 20Hz-20kHz BW Single-ended: 0.00025%, Balanced: 0.0001% Output Power@32Ω THD+N<0.01% Single-ended: 110mW, Balanced: 420mW DAC LP5108 Input Interface Type-C USB female socket Output Interface 3.5mm single-ended headphone jack/4.4mm high quality balanced headphone jack Audio Format (PCM) 16/24/32bit/44,1kHz-374kHz Audio Format (DSD) Native DSD64/Native DSD128/Native DSD256 Supported Systems iOS/macOS/Android/WIN/Linux Functional Parameters EQ Normal/CLASS/JAZZ/ROCK/POP/BASS/MOVIE/GAME SDF Tuning Normal/Xelento/IE800S/SE846/IER-Z1R Gain Adjustment Supported HIGH/LOW Digital Filter FAST/SLOW/NOS/LL FAST/LL SLOW HID Key Supported SPDIF Output Supported Firmware Upgrade Supported LP Tuning Second-generation TUNE 01 / TUNE 02  


  • MOONDROP MOONRIVER 2 TI Portable DAC/AMP DSD512 DSD Decoding Dual CS43198 Interchangeable Type-C Port Decoder

    Moondrop MOONDROP MOONRIVER 2 TI Portable DAC/AMP DSD512 DSD Decoding Dual CS43198 Interchangeable Type-C Port Decoder

    SPECIFICATIONS:Model: MOONRIVER 2:TI Portable DAC/AMPWeight: 30gSize: 57mm x 19.6mm x 13.4mmHeadphone Plug: 3.5mm SE, 4.4mm BALFrequency Range:7Hz-85kHz (±1dB)Background Noise:4.4mm: 1.5μV (AES17 20kHz)3.5mm: 1.2μV (AES17 20kHz)SNR:4.4mm: 131dB(A-wt)3.5mm: 123dB(A-wt)Dynamic Range: 4.4mm: 131dB (A-wt)Line Out:3.5mm: 2Vrms4.4mm: 4VrmsMaximum Output Power: 4.4mm: 32Ω 280mW, 300Ω 53mWTHD+N: 4.4mm: 0.00014% ( AES17 20kHz, 300Ω )


  • Astell & Kern AK HC4 Portable USB DAC/Amp

    Astell & Kern Astell & Kern AK HC4 Portable USB DAC/Amp

    USB-C or Lightning Input, and 3.5mm and 4.4mm Dual Output The first portable to use the AKM AK4493S DAC DAR (Digital Audio Remaster) brings flagship DAP technology to an ultra portable device. Supports Native DSD256, 32-bit/384kHz HIFI SOUND ON THE MOVE The AK HC4 continues the advantages of its highly acclaimed predecessors, delivering even more perfected sound in various usage scenarios through advanced design. Featuring Dual Output, compatible with most IEMs and headphones, the AK4493S DAC for true Hi-Fi sound, and Digital Audio Remaster technology, it brings the level of Hi-Fi sound previously exclusive to Astell&Kern's digital audio players to the AK HC4. ULTRA-RESOLUTION SOUND FROM AKM AK4493S To achieve the highest audio quality achievable with a USB DAC, the AK HC4 is the first in the USB DAC Cable lineup to incorporate AKM's DAC. AKM's DAC has earned much love when featured in Astell&Kern's digital audio players, but due to the small size of USB DAC Cables and the challenges of amp design, it has been difficult to implement in the USB DAC Cable lineup until now. The AK4493s DAC from AKM, used in the AK HC4, is further enhanced with improved noise control, lower power design, and ultra-precise amp design technology, delivering exceptionally high-quality Hi-Fi sound. Furthermore, it supports Native DSD256 and up to 32bit/384kHz to handle any high-quality audio source, allowing you to experience the high-grade sound quality that Astell&Kern delivers.


  • Acoustune AS2002 AK4493S Portable USB DAC Type-C Lightning

    Acoustune Acoustune AS2002 AK4493S Portable USB DAC Type-C Lightning

    Acoustune AS2002 is designed with interchangeable cables, allowing users to switch between Lightning/USB-C cables freely, and provides 3.5mm / 4.4mm output plugs. The AS2002 also utilizes the hard-to-find AKM AK4493S decoder chip and a balanced 240mW output for perfect Acoustune sound! Acoustune AS2002 also features an aluminum alloy chassis to prevent interference, and supports up to PCM 32bit/768kHz, DSD 8x (DSD512), DoP (DSD64/128/256), and Native (DSD64/128/256/512). In addition, Acoustune has added a MagSafe support accessory and a magnetic guide plate to make it easier for users to use the device. Specifications: DAC Chips : AKM4493S PCM UAC2.0 : Supports 16/24/32 bit, 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192/358.2/384/705.6/768KHz PCM UAC1.0 : Supports 16bit, 44.1/48KHz DSD UAC2.0 : Suports 1x(DSD64)/ 2x(DSD128/4x (DSD256)/8x (DSD512) DSD Transfer Mode: Dop (DSD64/128/256), Native (DSD64/128/256/512) LED Indications: UAC2.0 : Yellow (PCM) *Standard, Purple (DSD) UAC1.0: White To switch: Hold+key to connect



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