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  • TOPPING U90 USB Bridge Up to PCM32bit 768kHz Support DSD521


  • TOPPING A90 Discrete Headphone Amp


  • TOPPING PA5 Power Amplifier


  • TOPPING MX5 Desktop DAC & Headphone Amplifier & Speaker Amplifier


  • TOPPING DX5 DAC Dual ES9068AS Desktop DAC & Headphone Amplifier


  • Sale -5% Meier Audio Corda StageDAC Desktop USB DAC

    Meier Audio Meier Audio Corda StageDAC Desktop USB DAC

    Features 1.2 coaxial inputs, 1 optical fiber input, 1 USB digital input 2.1 sets of DAC outputs (2.2Vrms), 1 set of preamp outputs3. Gold-plated RCA terminals.4. High quality silver plated switch5. Independent transformers for digital and analog circuits, independent power supply6. Low impedance buffer electrolytic capacitor, the buffer capacitor with a total capacity of 100000 uF supports peak high power output. 7. The internal signal path uses metal resistors and high-quality polypropylene film capacitors 8. Uses BB PCM2704 as the USB-S/PDIF receiving chip 9. Uses WOLFSON WM8804 as the S/PDIF receiving chip10.2 pieces of WOLFSON WM8741 as decoder chip, dual mono mode 11. User adjustable, 9 digital filter modes12. Use LM6171 OP, Class A amplifier: LM334 constant current source13.3 crossfeed modes, headphone mode, stereo mode (off), speaker mode14.3 crossfeed strengths.15.3 types of crossfeed signal delays16. Double-layer PCB circuit board, star grounding, ultra-short signal path17. In order to achieve the best shielding effect, the signal paths and connections are arranged at the bottom of the PCB circuit board. Technical Parameters Output LevelDAC output: 2.2VrmsPreamp output: 0-2.2Vrms (high output) 0-5Vrms (low output)Output impedance:DAC output: 470hmPreamp output: 0-260 0hm (high output) 0-1.1K Ohm (low output) coaxial, optical fiber, S/PDIF code rate, sampling rate: 16, 20, 24 bit 32, 44, 48, 88, 96, 192 KHZ USB code rate, sampling rate: 16bit 32, 44.1, 48 KHZ Power: 7WPower supply mode;100-120V/200-240V ACSize;280*175*67Weight: 1.9KGStandard configuration:Corda StageDAC host 1 USB cable 11 copy of the instruction manual


  • Sale -2% TOPPING DX9 AK4499EQ Desktop DAC & Headphone Amplifier

    TOPPING TOPPING DX9 AK4499EQ Desktop DAC & Headphone Amplifier

    TOPPING DX9DAC AK4499EQ Headphone Amplifier NFCA Bluetooth 5.1 AptX LDAC 32bit 768kHz DSD512 BlackTOPPING DX9 DAC AK4499EQ Headphone Amplifier NFCA Bluetooth 5.1 AptX LDAC 32bit 768kHz DSD512 BlackTo celebrate its 15th anniversary, Topping unveils a high-performance DAC / Headphone Amplifier: the DX9. In addition to its very high performance, Topping has given it a meticulous aesthetic with an innovative and unique design. The DX9 incorporates top-quality components, including an AKM AK4499EQ DAC chip. This DAC chip delivers performance equivalent to the integration of no less than two AK4499EXs. In fact, it enables the Topping DX9 to achieve a dynamic range of 131dB and a THD+N of less than 0.0007%. An AK4118AEQ chip handles the reception of optical/SPDIF signals, for very low jitter. On the headphone amplifier side, the DX9 incorporates a discrete NFCA amplifier circuit with 6 modules each comprising 39 transistors. The power supply stage is separate for the DAC and headphone amplifier parts, producing a pure, stable power supply. In terms of aesthetics, the curved case and the two screens with Topping's own Aurora UI interface provide the best possible user experience. In addition, a transparent top plate engraved with Topping's 15-year anniversary logo gives a view of the DX9's perfect circuit design.A high-performance chipsetTopping has integrated the rare and legendary AK4499EQ 4-channel DAC chip into the DX9. This chip alone achieves the performance equivalent of two AK4499EX chips, with a THD+N of less than 0.00007% and a dynamic range of 131dB. It enables the DX9 to support sampling rates up to PCM 32bit 768kHz and native DSD up to DSD512.The AK4499EQ DAC chip is coupled to an AK4118AEQ optical/SPDIF signal reception chip for perfect signal reception on coaxial SPDIF, Toslink optical and AES/EBU inputs. Finally, a CPLD works on the clock signal and digital signal optimization to obtain a perfect level of stability and purity.


  • iFi Audio NEO iDSD 2 Fully Balanced Desktop DAC & Headphone Amplifier

    iFi iFi Audio NEO iDSD 2 Fully Balanced Desktop DAC & Headphone Amplifier

    It’s head-fi. It’s desk-fi. And it’s hi-fi.The NEO iDSD 2 is iFi's versatile new 3-in-1 DAC/Amp, designed specifically for CAS audiophiles. It pairs effortlessly with your headphones as a Head-Fi DAC/Amp, can be used as a pure DAC with your integrated amplifier, or serve as a DAC/Preamp for your active speakers and power amplifier. It features the latest Bluetooth 5.4, supporting the new aptX Lossless, the only Bluetooth codec capable of streaming lossless CD-quality audio without sacrificing audio quality. The NEO iDSD 2 has improved headphone and line outputs, providing ample power for your high-demanding headphones, as well as power amplifiers.My Blue isn’t your blue. It’s new and Lossless.The NEO iDSD 2 features the latest Bluetooth 5.4 technology, supporting the new aptX Lossless codec, which provides a maximum bitrate of 1,200kbps. In comparison, aptX Adaptive has a maximum bitrate of 420kbps, while LDAC offers a higher bitrate of 990kbps. However, aptX Lossless is the first and only Bluetooth codec capable of streaming CD-quality audio without using a compression method that degrades sound quality. While other Bluetooth codecs claim to support CD-quality and even hi-res audio, they employ lossy compression during transmission, which negatively affects sound quality. The NEO iDSD 2 used Qualcomm’s new QCC518x Bluetooth audio chip, is qualified to Bluetooth 5.4, supported all* Bluetooth formats including: aptX Lossless, aptX Adaptive, aptX, LDAC, LHDC/HWA, AAC and SBC. *As of 22 Sep 2023. Check your device for Bluetooth codec support.5x more headphone output power than its predecessor.You heard me correctly – the headphone output power of the NEO iDSD 2 is a whopping 5 times more powerful than that of the 1st-gen NEO iDSD. With a maximum headphone output power of 5,551 mW (@ 32Ω), it outperforms even some dedicated headphone amplifiers, making them sweat. The headphone section has seen significant improvement, as we’ve essentially integrated a Diablo headphone circuit into it. It features Auto iEMatch to reduce annoying hiss from high-sensitivity headphones without losing any dynamic range and four gain settings ranging from -12dB to +16dB, making it suitable for all your IEMs and headphone types, from super-sensitive to power-hungry. The NEO iDSD 2 is not only a powerhouse, but it’s also tailored for your ears. The newly added analogue processing modes, XSpace and XBass II, along with the four digital filters, allow you to finetune the sound. Both XSpace and XBass II are pure analogue signal processing modes designed to adjust the soundstage and low-frequency response to match your headphones.Stand by you. No matter up or down.Whether you’re using the NEO iDSD 2 as a Desk-Fi or Hi-Fi, you can position it horizontally or vertically. The new 2-inch color display automatically rotates to suit the orientation. When using it as a Desk-Fi, you can position it vertically on your desk to save space. Set it to variable output, and with its powerful 19.5V maximum balanced output, it works well with your active speakers with volume control. The volume control is analog, which is superior to any digital volume control. When using the NEO iDSD 2 as a Hi-Fi, you can place it horizontally. It can serve as a pure DAC, playing all Hi-Res music files from PCM 32-bit/768kHz to DSD512 and full MQA decoding. You can also connect it directly to your power amplifier as a preamplifier, utilizing its analogue volume control.Clean, accurate resolution.The internal GMT femto-precision clock, combined with a smart storage cache, forms an advanced jitter reduction system. It effectively reduces jitter in the digital signal, producing cleaner and more accurate sound. If you possess a more accurate external clock, or if you wish to synchronize with other devices such as CD players or network streamers that have an external clock input, you can connect both the NEO iDSD 2 and the other devices to the external clock via the 10MHz External Sync Clock input for even greater clock signal accuracy. It’s rare to find an External Sync Clock input in this price range. Even if you don’t have an external clock, the internal GMT femto-precision clock still offers excellent performance in its class.More than new features. Enhanced circuitry.The NEO iDSD 2’s enhanced PureWave circuit design, with its balanced dual-mono topology and short signal paths, is known for outstanding linearity and minimal noise and distortion, offering you exceptional sonic purity. The results are an improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of >120dB(A), Dynamic Range (DNR) of -120dB(A), and Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise (THD+N) of <0.0015%, bringing the NEO iDSD 2’s performance on par with DACs at a higher price point.Introducing the new iFi Nexis App.Introducing the iFi Nexis App for your NEO iDSD 2. Simply search for “NEO iDSD 2” in the app to access a suite of features and settings. Easily perform OTA upgrades, which automatically update your device over the network. The app offers a convenient way to control your NEO iDSD 2, allowing you to adjust functions and settings with ease. Download the iFi Nexis App now and experience the full potential of your NEO iDSD 2.Input / Output• USB 3.0 (2.0 Compatible)/ Digital S-PDIF(Coaxial/Optical)• Blutooth 5.4 (aptX Lossless, aptX Adaptive, aptx, LDAC, HWA/LHDC, AAC and SBC)• Balanced XLR 19.5V max.(variable) 4.4V fixed• Single Ended Stereo RCA 10.5V max. (variable) 2.2V fixed• 4.4mm Pentacon Balanced & 6.3mm SE Headphones OutThe Specs• Native DSD/PCM Burr-Brown MultiBit (With MQA support up to 384kHz)• SNR: -112dB(A) @0dBFS / THD+N @ 0.0015% Line OUT• Headphone Output - 5.77V(1040mW) @32ohms / 6.4V(68.6mW) @600ohms [Balanced] & 3V(2950mW) @32ohms / 3.3V(17.6mW) @600ohms [Single Ended]• Headphone Out THD+N: (125mW @32ohms) - 0.0015%• Dynamic Range: -120dB(A)• Power Consumption (No Signal) ~0.5W (Max Signal) ~2.5W• Output Impedance (Headphone Bal/UnBal) <1ohm• Dimensions 8.4" x 5.7" x 1.6" / Weight 2.14 lbsCompatible Operating Systems• iOS & Mac via Apple Lightening to USB Camera Adapter• Windows via USB or Digital COAXIAL & Android via USB OTG Cable


  • Red Wine Audio Isabellina Pro Desktop DAC

    Red Wine Audio Red Wine Audio Isabellina Pro Desktop DAC

    Isabellina-PRO Digital-to-Analog Converter Your digital sources will sound amazingly natural. Unique USB implementation improves sonic performance. Available with high-res (24/192k) playback. OVERVIEW Designed to recreate music from digital media rivaling the finest qualities of analog sources, including: Richness of tone Extraordinary timing / pacing Effortless presentation of the music An organic, “unprocessed” sound signature PRODUCT FEATURES Now in its 2nd generation Upgrade available for previous versions Up to 3 types of digital connectivity (Coaxial, Optical and optional USB) Optional USB input converts to I2S, eliminating the need for S/PDIF conversion, a sound-degrading step found in many USB implementations USB input provides “galvanic isolation,” meaning it isolates your computer’s power bus from our internal DAC chip – an innovation that prevents computer noise from degrading the sound you hear Red Book (16-bit) playback ships standard Isabellina Pro Icon Optional Isabellina Pro adds high-resolution playback (24/192k)   LFP-V FEATURES Learn about the unique design innovations behind our sound. Vacuum Tube Icon Tube Stage Adds richness and warmth. LFP Battery Icon LFP Battery State-of-the-art technology. SMART Battery Monitoring Chip Icon SMART Battery Monitoring Fully automates all aspects of battery management.


  • Red Wine Audio Isabella Desktop Preamplifier

    Red Wine Audio Red Wine Audio Isabella Desktop Preamplifier

    This battery-powered “little jewel” can be configured in a basic version, with options for a DAC and a headphone amplifier available for a little more. Due to the SMART battery charging technology, this preamp shifts to AC power when the juice is running low and automatically starts the recharging process. We were mightily impressed and felt that the Isabella was much quieter than any preamplifier we have heard at this price point. Specs and dimensions include input impedance of 50K, output impedance below 1K and bandwidth of 10Hz to 120kHz +/- 0.5dB. Two 12V 5Ah SLA batteries are wired in series to produce 24V rails and the included universal charger modified to work with the SMART system is a 24V 2,000mA unit. On DC, the Isabella will run a claimed 6 to 8 hours continuous before requiring recharging while in AC mode, playback is obviously unlimited. Dimensions including controls and jacks are 12" x 10" x 3.5" W x D x H.


  • Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA Headphone Amplifier DAC

    Red Wine Audio Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA Headphone Amplifier DAC

    The Isabellina HPA combines the Isabellina DAC with the headphone amp that’s available as an option with the Isabella tube preamp. In addition to high-current SLA battery power with dedicated linear voltage regulators for both the analog and digital sections, the Isabellina HPA also features the Smart 1224 board, which monitors the battery voltage and automatically switches the unit off if the voltage falls too low. This board also features 0.5-second inrush current limiting, to prolong the life of the internal components. The philosophy behind the DAC is a bit unusual in that a modern DAC chipset is not used. Rossi believes that even modern DAC chipsets boasting impressive specs sound cold, sterile, and analytical. His answer is to use a new-old-stock (NOS), 16-bit, non-oversampling, non-upsampling DAC chip with no digital filtering, which he claims offers a more natural sound, for a more emotionally involving musical experience. The analog output stage is a discrete class-A output with no op-amps. Looks-wise, the Isabellina HPA is handsome in minimalist fashion, and mirrors the appearance of its sibling products. The casework is powder-coated aluminum with a nice nubby finish, and the faceplate is black-anodized aluminum. The front panel has a centrally located volume-control knob of silver-painted aluminum, flanked on the right by a 0.25" stereo headphone output jack, and on the left by a flush-mounted, soft-touch power button. On the power button is a red LED that blinks slowly when the battery voltage gets low. On the center of the rear panel is a pair of vertically arrayed RCA line-output jacks. To their left is the jack for the battery charger, and to their right is a three-way toggle for selecting the digital input: optical (TosLink), coaxial, or USB. The USB input accepts sample-rate frequencies up to 48kHz, while the coaxial and optical inputs accept up to 192kHz. The Isabellina HPA comes with a dedicated wall-wart charger and a handheld remote control. An optional 12VDC output ($100) is available for powering a Wadia 170iTransport. At 12"W x 3.5"H x 9"D and weighing ten pounds, the Isabellina HPA isn’t really "portable," but it’s small and light enough to haul around in a padded duffle. My local coffeehouse and bakery has free WiFi, and I was tempted to take it there for some remote listening, but was too concerned about spilling coffee on something that didn’t belong to me to tempt fate. However, I was able to use it all over my house, and even ended up taking it to work.


  • Sale -8% VIOLECTRIC DHA V590² PRO Headphone Preamp

    Violectric VIOLECTRIC DHA V590² PRO Headphone Preamp

    The Violectric DHA V590² PRO is the new top device in the Violectric range and is delivered from the factory with the 256 step relay. It offers a state-of-the-art D/A converter and a headphone amplifier. The D/A converter is a new development and includes a 32-bit resampler / reclocker and two 32-bit D/A converters per channel. The latest findings from the multiple test winners from Violectric and Niimbus were implemented in the headphone amplifier. Most functions can be conveniently controlled using a stylish remote. With its incomparable technology, DHA V590² PRO not only offers one of the most powerful headphone amplifiers in the market, but also: Lowest Noise - through a very small amount of internal gain. This makes the amplifier's self-generated noise inaudible. High Output Voltage - through 50 V internal operating voltage. Therefore ideally suited for high-impedance headphones deserving high output voltage swing. High Output Power - thanks to powerful amplifiers that offer far more power even the most demanding headphones would need. So best suited for headphones with low impedances as well as magnetostatic headphones High Damping Factor - due to lowest output impedance. Therefore the ideal match for difficult to drive headphones without negative side effects and with the guarantee for a uncompromising frequency response. It is on you:Headphone amplifier? Pre-amplifier? Both ! The headphone outputs and / or the line outputs can be activated / deactivated by buttons on the front or by remote control. Connect not only your headphones to the DHA V590² PRO but also your power amplifier or your active speakers and enjoy a compact and fantastic sounding headphone amplifier with a State-of-the-art D/A converter and a premium preamplifier Remote:Control the DHA V590² PRO with its stylish remote control, milled from a solid piece of aluminum. Via infrared rays you have access to motorized volume control, mute, input selection, resampling settings, Headphone and line-out control.


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