SWEEAR SR11 In Ear Monitor from Hongkong - One Step Right Into the High-End

SWEEAR SR11 In Ear Monitor from Hongkong - One Step Right Into the High-End

by Wish Audio

This is an IEM that looks very exquisite and attractive from the outside. The design of its panel is like a dazzling galaxy, with stars shining in the vast dark blue night sky. It was smart but not too fancy, and the workmanship was excellent.



The configuration of SR11 is worthy of being the flagship product in SWEEAR's Reference Class. It adopts a static and dynamic hybrid design of 11 units with 4 static, 6 dynamic and 1 rotation - imported American Lou's moving iron units and Danish sound electrostatic units. The sound is output by 5 independent pipelines, and IPP technology is added, which also greatly improves the sound density and restoration. In addition, thanks to the newly customized low-frequency unit, the ultra-low frequency performance of SR11 is better than the low-frequency indicators of previous flagship headphones, and it has also achieved new breakthroughs in ultra-low frequency response. Through self-developed acoustic anti-seismic technology, resonant interference can be controlled, and distortion reduced, greatly improving the acoustic performance of SR11.



SWEEAR is also constantly optimizing the ergonomic design of new products. The SR11 has an eleven-unit configuration. Although more large-sized units are packed in, the size of the cavity is not particularly heavy and obtrusive, making it extremely comfortable to wear. Surprisingly, it is very light, the cavity material is made of skin-friendly resin and is purely handmade, and the surface feels smooth and delicate. The integrated dual acoustic cavity and composite conduit ensure sound consistency, further reduce process errors, and make the performance of SR11 more stable.


14Ω low impedance and 112dB high sensitivity determine that SR11 is a very easy-to-drive headset. With a small tail, you can get good sound without any bad sound. Of course, if there is a better decoding headphone amplifier or advanced player, the potential of SR11 can be fully unleashed.


The official original cable is eight strands of single crystal silver wire, with three interchangeable plugs: 3.5, 2.5, and 4.4. You can imagine the delicateness and transparency of the sound. The grooved design of the pins is also more stable.




The sound brought a full surprise as soon as it started. The wide sound field is full of three-dimensionality, the powerful analysis also makes the sense of detail full, and the ability to restore human voices also has a unique charm. The overall sound is smooth and full, and is extremely omnivorous.


Looking at the low frequency first, the volume is just right, the dive is also very clean and neat, and the overall sound is calm and deep, with full strength. The details of the low-frequency analysis are also very good. No matter how complex the song is, you can feel the clear drum beats, the rhythm is also very good, and the transient expansion and release are free. The biggest feeling in the low frequency is that the elasticity is very sufficient and the layers are clear.



The sound field of SR11 has reached an unprecedented width and depth. It can display some climactic music with excellent response and speed. The sense of space is very grand; the expressiveness of human voices is also amazing, with high density and smooth feeling. The human voice emerged in the entire sound field, brilliant and immersive, which directly made me feel like the concert scene.


The high frequency part is filled with a sense of towering air, the trumpet is extended but not harsh, and the overtones are also very gorgeous and natural; the positioning processing is also very precise, and the position of each player can be directly and clearly perceived, and it is powerful Its analytical power and delicate sound base can also truly restore the rich timbres of different musical instruments, such as the graceful and gorgeous violin, the clear and delicate guitar, and the warm and loud snare drum, each of which is melodious, smiling and exciting. The depiction of details is also meticulous, without the feeling of fragmentation. The overall sound presents a full, warm and loose texture.


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